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Things you need to know before starting a weight gain journey

 These are some things you need to remember as you start your weight gain journey [Courtesy, Freepik]

In the world of health and fitness, weight loss is often the main focus. Everywhere you turn to you will see weight loss tips and a bunch of apps that guide you on how to shed off the extra weight.

While it’s true that many people could benefit from coming back down to a healthier weight, it’s not everyone’s goal. There are many people who are struggling to gain weight, which is a real problem that needs attention.

Whether you’re medically underweight or just desire to gain weight for self-confidence purposes, these are some things you need to remember as you start your weight gain journey.

Your genes matter

Our family histories are the core of who we are physically. Our genes predispose us to certain things and some studies support that they could have an influence on our weight as well.

Depending on your genes, weight gain can either be easier or slightly harder for you. But don’t worry because eventually, your lifestyle habits carry most of the weight.

 It’s important to make the decision to focus on yourself right from the beginning [Courtesy, Freepik]

Your journey will be different

Comparison will always be the thief of joy especially when it comes to body goals. And when you’re on a journey like this one, you might find yourself comparing your progress to someone else’s progress in a negative way.

So as you start, it’s important to make the decision to focus on yourself right from the beginning. This will keep away the distractions and help you focus in what your goals are.

It is a lifetime commitment

Maintaining a healthy weight is a process that demands a whole lifestyle overhaul. For some people this means committing to keeping the weight off, but for you it’s about working hard to keep a healthy amount of weight on.

So, it’s not just a one-time thing where you will go through a season of packing on the calories then you’re done. This is a full lifestyle change and that is why it is also important to focus on your own journey and avoid unfair comparisons.

Working out is part of the process

If you don’t like working out, this might not be great news. However, you will be encouraged to know that exercise is an accelerator and will get you to your targets faster.

Working out will help you build muscle and tone your physique so really, you’re getting more benefits than one. Plan for more muscle building workouts rather than cardio and other exercises that are mainly for weight loss.

Good food makes a difference

A shortcut to gaining weight quickly is indulging in everything even if it means eating fries every day. You will gain weight for sure, but not without heavy consequences like possible health problems.

What you should be preparing yourself for is a diet full of healthy, calorie-rich options that will lead to weight gain in the best way possible. You can also improve your appetite more by learning how to make delicious healthy meals that will actually encourage you to eat more.

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