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Should religion be a deal breaker?

 The decision on how important religion is to you in a relationship lies in your hands [Courtesy, Freepik]

Meeting someone you're actually compatible with is a whole process. We consider different factors like looks, how well we get along, and even financial status to gauge whether we are with the right person.

On the list of things that would either qualify or disqualify 'candidates' is religion. If you're religious, it will shape every aspect of your life, and often, people prefer to be with someone who shares the same beliefs although that might change in the future.

The decision on how important religion is to you in a relationship lies in your hands. As you reflect, ask yourself these five questions.

Will religious legal restrictions be a big deal?

Certain religions are strongly intertwined with their own set of laws, which is also connected to the general laws of the land. These legal systems can affect processes like marriage and divorce.

This might not be a big issue if you're not focused on getting married the traditional way. But if you're two religious people who are committed to your own beliefs, it might be a hurdle when it's time to make serious decisions like getting married.

How will you raise your kids?

Children don't have an option when it comes to religion. They absorb the beliefs that they are born into, until they're older and can decide to stay committed or change their beliefs.

When you are a couple with two conflicting beliefs, you might experience challenges on how to raise your kids. If one of you is Muslim and the other is Christian, how will you decide what set of values your children should follow?

Thinking about this just helps you consider what challenges you might have in future.

Can you look past the cultural differences?

Religion and culture are often difficult to separate. Each religion determines how followers should carry themselves and this cuts across every aspect of life from food to dressing.

It's usually easier to be with someone from a similar culture because you've basically been raised the same way. People also prefer this because you don't have to change who you are to fit into someone else's way of life. You can however, have a healthy relationship if you're both open-minded people.

 Religion and culture are often difficult to separate [Courtesy, Freepik]

Will your spiritual beliefs affect your relationship?

Different religions also have varying points of view when it comes to spiritual life. In Christianity, the general belief is that after this life, you either go to heaven or hell and that is drastically different from other beliefs.

Those spiritual beliefs can affect your relationship because based on what you believe, the other person is either on the safe side or on the opposing team. This can complicate your relationship further if you have strong spiritual beliefs.

Will family approval be a challenge?

When we start planning a future with someone, we know that family will be part of the picture. We usually hope that there will be a healthy relationship on both sides, but as we know, it doesn't always happen.

Religion is often a major reason why family members reject someone. You might even risk being ostracized if you choose to stay together.

If this is a big deal to you, then religion might not be something you can easily compromise on.

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