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Single at 54: Kenyans react to nominated CBK Governor's revelations

Patrick Ngugi Njoroge
 Dr Patrick Ngugi Njoroge during the vetting yesterday

A single man earning an average of Sh3 million a month sounds like an urban legend in Kenya. Which is why Dr Patrick Ngugi Njoroge has set tongues wagging. The 54-year-old economist could be Kenya’s next Central Bank governor if the vetting process goes in his favor.

Njoroge yesterday appeared before the Parliamentary Committee where he insisted that he is single by choice. “I am single by choice but I fully subscribe to the ideas of the family and there is nothing sinister in this,” he said.

That he has no single asset in Kenya also raised eyebrows with the Yale educated expert explaining that he had sold all his assets in the US.

These revelations have elicited quite the reaction on social media, with some drawing inspiration from Njoroge, others questioning the integrity of the parliamentary committee while the rest just failed to buy the economist’s status.

The inspired

‏@zk_langat: So the CBK Governor nominee does not a wife. He's now my role model. Women are disastrous

@Marisin_Sang: Single is no longer a lack of options but a choice.A choice to refuse to let your life be defined by your relationship status...CBK GOVERNOR

@LordGichohi: ...CBK Governor in the waiting is single and qualified...Kenyan mps married and useless!"

@The_Teacha: The CBK Governor Nominee knows the true power of being a Bachelor

@kevoice_ : Patrick Njoroge is single at 54 and a CBK governor nominee, See the milestones you can achieve without a wife?

@Zindzi_K: Guys! If CBK Governor nominee Patrick Ngugi is single, HOW does that affect the  depreciating shilling or his ability to work? #DoBetter

@kevoice_: Single successful women are strong feminists, single successful men are gay or impotent. We're a very intelligent society

‏@musyokadavid151: BREAKING NEWS; CBK governor nominee still single. Let me not hear any socialite complaining ati uchumi mbaya

Questioning the vetting process

‏@muyelelemuthoni: the CBK Governor nominee's credentials  overlooked based on his ability to keep a wife. SMH!!!

@SokoAnalyst: So, our dear parliament believes the CBK Governor Nominee's sexual orientation is so key, they had to ask him at it

@Joe_Kioko: Let us forget Monica Juma' rejection or CBK Governor nominee being asked 'childish' questions. Key concern shifts to the vetting process.

@WakaliSteven: Our mpigs have developed an art of vetting people basing on irrelevant things now see the "CBK Governor" thing just a week after #MonicaJuma

@CityInTheSun: CBK Governor nominee does not have a wife. It's his life, not yours! And he's happy with that. There's no law that says you must marry!

@CityInTheSun: Mpigs believe in "primitive accumulation" in shortest time possible. That's why they were shocked CBK Governor nominee doesn't have assets.

‏We don’t buy that lifestyle

@benronoh: A bachelor is a man who comes to work each morning from a different direction. Now, tell me, who wants a CBK Governor like that?

‏@Peter_aminga: CBK Governor single at 54 with a salo of 3 Million? Yaani Kenya hakuna wanawake ama?

@mainafarian: Is that old adage behind every successful man there's a woman rolling eyes really true? CBK governor

@Chelule: CBK governor hana hata kang'ombe ya kukamua huko kijijini? ama hiyo sio investment? This guys is out touch with Kenya's  reality.


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