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Six best style tips to embracing your curves

Fashion Tips
 Pointed shoes have a way of elongating the frame and flattering your silhouette (Shutterstock)

You may think otherwise but, your curves are a blessing. They look great whether you are wearing jeans, dresses or even skirts, if you know what to do.

At the same time, shopping can be a nightmare because it’s not always automatic that you will find what flatters your body type. To date many brands still don’t accommodate the perfect fittings for curvy girls mainly because the means has to satisfy the end which is, all about profits.

For this reason, we curvy girls have to do all we can to find what flatters our shapes and brings out the best in our beautiful curves.

Below are a few ways you can achieve this without breaking the bank, and two it’s easy as abc.

Pay attention to inner wear

Your overall outlook is more than just what people see. Despite the fact that no one can see what’s beneath your clothes, the bras, undies and shape wear you choose matter a whole lot. When you are blessed with curves, the wrong type of underwear could leave unflattering panty lines, which isn’t great. The wrong bra size can also make you look squeezed and uncomfortable. Ensure that you get your measurements taken often so that you will invest in the perfect undergarments for your body size.

 Shopping can be a nightmare for curvy ladies as it’s not always automatic that they find what flatters their body (Shutterstock)
Work with your specific shape

Curvy girls also have different ranges in shape. The common hourglass, pear shape, diamond or even oval also apply on the curvy girl scales. It’s not only the smaller sizes that fall under these silhouettes. With this awareness, you should find out what category you fall under. Afterwards, you’ll be able to tell what brings out your shape more and overcome the temptation to buy items that aren’t flattering.

Stop wearing leggings as jeans

This is another essential style tip that every curvy girl should know. Ideally, leggings were made to be worn under long tops or shirts that cover the bum area. Curves are great but putting them on display in this manner looks like a hot mess. Light bottoms such as tights draw attention to all the unwanted areas so opt for heavier materials like jeggings and ensure you have something over them when you choose to wear them.

High waists do wonders

Bottoms that are high-waisted are very flattering for curvy girls. They define the waist and hips and make you look sexier. If your stomach is more pronounced, don’t worry. High waists draw attention away from that area and balance out your form well. High waists also help to reduce the ‘muffin top’ appearance by giving an impression of a slimmer waist. The next time you are out shopping for clothes, don’t shy away from high-waisted jeans, skirts or shorts.

 Curvy girls also have different ranges in shape. You should find out what category you fall under (Shutterstock)
Work with waistline accessories

We all love baggy shirts and sweaters at times. However, they’re not that great when you want to define your shape more. One way to make baggy items look great is by investing in waist belts and other accessories that define your waistline. These are perfect for making your curves pop.

Pointed shoes are flattering

It’s easy for all of us to grab a pair of shoes that we like because we have seen someone else wearing them like say, a celebrity. But did you know that pointed shoes work more for curvy girls as compared to other body types? Pointed shoes have a way of elongating the frame and flattering your silhouette. Pay more attention to pointed shoes and boots the next time you are out shopping.

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