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Home style: Ideas for a space-saving bed

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A good bed offers you comfortable space while maximizing space in your home. Bed sizes and designs shape up the overall look of a bedroom.  Sometimes the best bed choice for a room is not your traditional bed, here are a few ways to get creative with your bed style.

Bed in a closet

Do you have a ghost closet space where a closet was to be but still has not? Turn it into a nook with a bed and a surround closet. However, because of closet depth, this is ideal for a bed not wider than three feet deep.

Separable bunk beds

Beds that sit one on top of the other as bunk beds but leave an option of having two separate beds later are a versatile choice for any shared room.

Pull-out beds under a subfloor

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A clever way to include a bed in a room is to build a sub floor and tuck pull-out beds under the platform. You can then use the top of your platform for a different purpose like an office, a play area or a study area.

Loft beds

Loft beds are ideal for vertical spaces and the space underneath them has endless possibilities for a myriad of uses. However for safety purposes you have to drill the bed onto a wall and in a corner.

Murphy’s beds

Murphy’s beds are foldable beds that use a hydraulic system to level up and into a wall cavity. This allows the bed space to be used for other purposes during the day. Murphy’s beds are perfect for studio houses and in-between two closets.

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