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Six reasons why women love men with dreadlocks


Today’s society is more accepting than before and dreadlocks are not frowned upon anymore, at least not in the urban setting.

Men, just like women can now walk around in locked and knotted hair without raising eyebrows or being called ruffians.

It is so common now to walk into an office and find a formally dressed guy spotting some really neatly done dreadlocks.

Some even go ahead and get extensions for the perfect dreadlock look. These dreadlocks have a tendency to attract ladies and many have expressed on social media one time too many that they often swoon over the dreadlocked men.

There are several reasons why women date and get into relationships with ‘locks’. Some of the reasons are;

Dreads are attractive

Most ladies have admitted drooling over men with dreadlocks as it adds some kind of a daring look. You want to go out with a man who turns heads just by a show of his face.

When well maintained, dreadlocks gives your man style and some level of masculinity that you just can’t resist.

He understands the hustle

Men whose hair care entails going to the barber once in a while wonder what you are doing in the salon for all those hours.

They may try to get it, but to them, spending money and precious time on hair is totally unheard of. A man who keeps his locks, however, will always know your pain and is supportive whenever it comes to salon maters.

Hair products can be shared

There is fun with sharing, isn’t it? Just like you love putting on his t-shirt or sweatshirt, sharing hair products with him makes the two of you feel closer to each other. From shampoo to conditioner and talking about hair, your dreadlocked man has one extra sharing to do with you.

Hair play

Unlike men, women have all kinds of manners through which they initiate closeness. Constant touch is one of the things women do to their partners.

As expressed on social media platforms by some women, a man with dreadlocks offers more chance of touch since you can play with his hair to bond.

Such hair play may also come when you are helping him to oil or wash and dry his locks, giving you chance to spend more time together.

The bad boy look

Due to the attention dreadlocks got in the past, many men who rock locks nowadays are associated with the bad boy streak which women fall head over heels for.

According to some women, being with a bad boy, perceived or real, is fun. You feel the confidence oozing out of your man as he walks head held up high with locks.


Women feel comfortable and excited when with a masculine man around. It turns some on.

In the West, there is a growing fascination of ladies to men with tattoos and height. Locks have found a place where ladies also see them as manly.


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