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Man boobs explained: Five easy ways to get rid of them


Man boobs, also known as ‘moobs’, are swollen and tender male breasts caused by swelling of tissue through hormone imbalance.

Often, moobs arise from obesity, where fat collects around the nipple allowing breasts to appear larger.

Man boobs can cause huge self-esteem issues especially for men but you should not have to worry as there are ways you can manage this and turn it into the much-adored muscle.

Some of the ways to get rid of man boobs include;

Work out

As much as not all man boobs are caused by weight issues, doing regular upper chest exercises may help you get rid of the fat that’s collecting around your breasts. Simple exercises like jumping jacks will ensure even spread of fat on your upper chest turning the tenderness to hard muscles.


Everything in and on our bodies is a reflection of what we consume. Some foods are known to accumulate fats on our bodies more than others.

Fatty foods may leave you with excess fat that collects in various parts of your body. Some of this fat may end up depositing on your breasts. Include healthy non-fatty foods in your diet to maintain that firm body.

Adequate sleep

Do not be surprised that your lack of enough sleep could be the cause of your moobs. Studies in the past have indicated that adequate sleep is essential for hormone production and the lack of it destabilizes how your body produces hormones.

Irregular production of testosterone allows slow but steady swelling of breast tissue resulting to man boobs.


While steroids are designed to enlarge different parts of your body, unprescribed and unwise use could lead to many negative factors such as hormonal production imbalances.

There have been reported cases where steroid users ended up with grown breasts rather than muscles after using these products.

This is because sometimes hormones used to build muscle can stimulate the production of male breast tissue glands and eventually moobs.


Sometimes working out, sleeping or even eating right may not wish your man boobs away, especially when the skin around the nipples is already stretched out.

At this point, you could consider a breast reduction operation where qualified cosmologists or cosmetic plastic surgeons get rid of the excess fat, swollen breast tissue and sagging skin to automatically leave you with a flat desired chest.

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