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Mother and child are bound forever

Mothers are truly emotional beings. They cry all the time. They cry when happy and when sad. They cry even more when something bad happens to their child(ren).

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While the rest of society may wonder how this can be fixed, the fact is that there is nothing wrong with mothers, and they should be allowed to just be, because that is how they are wired. After all, they have the most unique of bonds with their offspring.

From day one of conception, they establish an attachment to that tiny being growing inside their womb, and the bond lasts for as long as both are alive.

That is why a mother will worry when she hears her child has fallen sick; or her child is unhappy; or her child is hungry. She will worry when her child falls in love, and worry some more when the child has their first heartbreak. Her heart is never in one piece, but appears to be divided into the number of children she has.

No doubt, the mother-child bond is mystical and majestic. Deep. Amazing. Miraculous. The joy of that forever bond is one that is near indelible. They say that if a woman wants something from her husband, she should get it through her mother-in-law, because a man will almost always listen to his first love.

Even when a son has been accused of being the world’s biggest criminal, his mother will be by his side, praying for him, and wanting the very best for him.

I understand this only too well. I bond with my sons in the most unique of ways — like all mothers do with their children.


I had my elder son when I was pretty young, and much as I have always been a good mother to him, I may not have been as keen with his milestones as I am with his younger brother. I am amazed by the unfolding of nature, by how this minute being that was so helpless a little while back can tell me that he is ‘lating’ for school in the most authoritative voice.

I was tickled when, during a phone conversation, the little boy told his father he had ‘falled’ with a straight face.

A mother’s world is peppered with these moments that are sometimes sane, and often times crazy. Yet, in these moments, the bond keeps strengthening.

The bond becomes stronger when mother and child have that talk about the birds and the bees. It is strengthened when they cook together during those magical evenings. It becomes stronger when they shop for the things they both like.

The bond is birthed once more when mother and child find themselves crying at the same things and also laughing at the same things.


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