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Here’s how to tell if your man has another woman and is just having fun with you

Girl Talk

As much as we want to look the other side and avoid speaking about extra-marital affairs in our society, it is real. The bug has already caught up with us. A guy has a girlfriend or a wife but they just won’t zip-up so they have ‘side chicks’ all over.

And sad as it may sound, more women are accepting and embracing the fact that they are just that..,side chicks. But some women fail to read the pointers that show they are the side chicks probably because the guy has been lying that they aren’t married neither are they seeing anyone else.

Here are signs to look out for to know if you are the third wheeler:

Communication incoherence

This should be the number one pointer. If your man doesn’t pick up or respond to your texts in good time and always insist that you wait for them to contact you, be alert. If again, he can’t call you past a particular time, he is probably with the main. And if you call and he receives but he is somewhat incoherent and always in a hurry to hang up, look deeper.

Stays indoors when you are together

If he is a bit reluctant to walk around with you whenever you are together and insists that you just hang out in the house, he probably is hiding something. Otherwise, if you are the main and he is very proud of you, he wouldn’t mind showing you off to the world.

Late night dates-your place

When he is always ‘working until late’ and therefore prefers coming to your house late after work for dinner, there could be a problem. Find out why always your place and never his place.

No Public Display of Affection

PDA should never be an issue in a relationship. Many times, people in love can hardly keep their hands to themselves even in public. They always sneak touches here and there. If your man is extra cautious on even holding hands in public, it could a sign you are only a side chick. He avoids it because in case he is spotted, he can always convince the wife you are ‘just a friend/colleague’.

No emotional attachments

If every time you try to bring up a deep and emotional conversation, he dodges, find out why. He most certainly is avoiding to get an emotional connection with you since it would only complicate matters for him.

When these aren’t all the reasons to know if you are the third wheeler, it is a good place to start.

Have you ever lied to get what you wanted?

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