Since 1901

Name: Garfield Spence aka Konshens.

Occupation: Jamaican dancehall artiste.

Age: 26

Birthday: January 11

What early memories do you have in your music career?

Konshens Picture: Courtesy

Too many to mention. I started recording in 2003. My first show was in Japan and hearing people that don’t quite speak English sing my song, word for word, was quite an experience.

Have you always wanted to pursue music full time?

I have always been a fan of music, but never dreamed of being an artiste. My older brother Delus introduced me to singing professionally and I became addicted.

Will this weekend be your first time in Africa?

Yes, my very first time in Africa.

With your fans excited to see you at Carnivore on the 5th, what have you got lined up for them?

I am more excited to see them than they are to see me. So we will see what happens when all this excitement and anticipation climaxes.

How do you spend your free time relaxing away from music?

I am never really away from music.

Are you dating?

No comment.

What do you look for in a partner?

I like smart girls with sex appeal, and mind you, sex appeal is different from just being sexy.