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Nelly Obadha

There is nothing better than the feeling of inner peace.

Our daily life is so hectic that usually, by the end of the day, you are tired and have a pounding headache that even painkillers can’t help.

Meditation involves a great number of ways you can use to relax, release tension, or just wind up at the end of the day. Many people who practice meditation see it as one of the best ways to release stress and increase ones mental health.

Meditation can occur anywhere and in any manner as long as you are free from distractions. You can practice doing it at your office desk, in your room, or while sitting in the field next to your classes.

How to create a meditative environment

Create a peaceful and quiet atmosphere; this can be achieved by shutting yourself in your room at home or even in campus. If you have some money saved up you could make a trip to a quiet resort somewhere in the country where it is very quiet and peaceful.

Switch off your phone to prevent interruptions during your quiet moments; you can always add some music that makes you feel at peace.

Wear comfortable clothes that will not make you strain in any way.

How to meditate

Sit down, back straight and clear your mind from any thoughts that may disturb your emotions and interfere with your meditation.

You may close your eyes to prevent distraction from objects around you or open them and concentrate on a single object. Visualise an image or place that calms you, it could be real or imaginary.

Take slow and deep breaths as you ensure your whole body is fully relaxed as this ensures you get rid of any interruptive thoughts in your mind. Try by counting your breath from one to ten in your mind.

Every time you find your mind straying, bring back your focus to where you began. All your focus should be on emptying and ensuring your mind is cleared of any thoughts.

The best time to do this will be in the morning before your mind gets busy with many activities in your day.

Benefits of meditation

The most common benefit of meditation is that it helps in balancing one’s emotional, physical and mental systems in a person.

When meditation is practised more often it will lead to a deep level of relaxation. When you are more relaxed you may find a state of inner alertness that prepares you to react better in difficult situations with faster and with a clear mind.

A clear mind will make you more productive.

Through meditation you can be able to develop self-purpose and know what you want with your life.

Meditation helps you understand yourself better and not be a slave to the many thoughts going through your mind.

It helps you go through your daily activities with a clear head.

Meditating helps develop your inner being, which in turn will reflect in your outward actions in everything you do.