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I trusted him but he turned out to be violent and raped me


That morning was covered in gray, with fine mist sifting through the clouds. A thin drizzle that enveloped the air all around, hit her already frozen body. From a distant horizon, she could see the sun trying to break its golden- orange distillery through the heavy clouds. The ground was hush and was covered by dewy mist over its green coloring. The birds welcoming the dawn were frantically chirping and singing from one branch to the other. She saw a yellowed rose struggling wearingly for its freedom through a maze of tall grass.

Amina felt spasms of pain rip through her body that made her stop instantaneously, closing her eyes. You could see that desperate terror had colored those big beautiful eyes. The reality and images of what had happened to her that previous night were well lit in her mind. She couldn't comprehend how someone she thought she trusted had turned so violent and brutally rape her. She had thought that his angelic eyes reflected a true personality full of innocence and tenderness. She was wrong. His evilness was deeper than hell or dragon's eggs. All she wanted and wished for was to love and be loved back. The questions that ran through her quivered and weakened her body making breathing an effort.

Amina was horrified and violently sick as she felt her born dignity deserting her. She felt empty, dirty and as a ghost walking towards her death throe. There was possibly no amount of rain that could wash her towards the path of chastity. That realization forced her to drop on the ground with a lightening thud. She was down on fours, crawling and whimpering like a lost soul. She wished for a warm release, death. It seemed like a safe exit out of a pointless life that hers had now become. The worst part is that she had trusted him! Her innocence and ignorance had turned out to be unbearable punishment. The reality of those thoughts sucked the last drops of energy from her body. 

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