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Avril deactivates Instagram after publicized altercation with J Blessing

 Avril deactivates Instagram after altercation with J Blessing. (Courtesy)

Singer Avril has deactivated her Instagram account following a highly publicized altercation with the father of her child, Jibril Blessing, also known as J Blessing.

The incident has caught many by surprise on social media, leaving fans and followers in disbelief. Avril's sudden departure from the platform, which boasted over 2 million followers, comes in the wake of a series of posts and deletions on November 15, 2023.

The controversy began when Avril posted, and later deleted, a picture revealing a bruised face, causing concern among her fans. In one photo, she displayed a bruised face, possibly a result of the altercation, while in another, wearing a beanie, she had a plaster on her forehead.

The post quickly circulated on blogs, eliciting mixed reactions from internet users. Unfortunately, the singer faced online trolls, prompting her to address the situation. Avril condemned those making light of her plight, expressing shock at the insensitivity of some comments.

“Reading through the comments, I am utterly shocked. This is why people never report this… posting such because you all make people actually want to kill themselves after all they have been through. Have a laugh, enjoy…bye,” she wrote.

In a social media statement, video director J Blessing apologized for any harm caused to Avril, acknowledging his imperfections. He clarified that one of the photos Avril posted was from an altercation nearly a year ago when both were injured. J Blessing took responsibility for that incident, stating he immediately took Avril to the hospital.

J Blessing admitted to a recent altercation but denied causing physical harm, asserting he is not an abuser. He acknowledged making mistakes and shared that they had decided to distance themselves from each other to prevent such incidents.

Avril, in response, disclosed the challenging situation in her life but forgave J Blessing. She urged netizens to extend forgiveness, emphasizing the fallibility of humans. Acknowledging their 7-year relationship, she expressed willingness to seek help and a commitment to change.

Avril clarified that her disclosure was not for attention or sympathy but an expression of her humanity. She opened up about her stance against domestic abuse, advocating for speaking out without fear of ridicule. She revealed that authorities were involved, and reassured everyone that she was coping well, aiming to unburden her heart from unforgiving weight.

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