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Size 8 shares emotional account of her miscarriage experience

 Gospel singer Size 8. (Courtesy)

Gospel singer Size 8 recently opened up about her experience of suffering a miscarriage in 2021 due to high blood pressure. In an emotional Instagram post, she shared a photo of herself still in the hospital, where she talked about losing a 5-month pregnancy and all hope of having future children.

"Looking back at this day, 2 October 2021....I had just lost a 5 months pregnancy, also lost all hope of any future pregnancies and I was battling for my life, almost losing my life due to extremely high blood pressures," she wrote in the post. "I am sitting here looking at this picture, and I am wondering how I got through all that. For sure, only the hand of God brought me out of all that, and also God graced me with a heart to press on and go on with life."

Size 8 credited her survival to the hand of God and said that preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ was one of the many reasons for her gratitude towards God. "This is one of the many reasons I preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, for only by God's grace am I alive this day fully healthy and strong," she added. "Thank you, Jesus Christ. Don't take life so casually; life is a gift from God. Live your life to glorify the God who gave you that life to live."

Size 8 has been vocal about her struggles with pregnancy-related health issues, including preeclampsia and high blood pressure. She has also disclosed that she and her husband DJ Mo will not have any more children due to her health concerns. In the past, Size 8 had almost lost her life four times while pregnant with her four babies, and two of her children did not make it to full term.

In an interview with Vlogger Nicholas Kioko, Size 8 explained that her focus now was on doing the work of God, and she had no plans to have any more children due to her health condition. "I don't want a baby, that is now not for me," she said. "I have no plans at all because health-wise, it is a threat. My blood pressure has been a major concern for me. My focus now is on doing the work of God."

She recounted how she had suffered from extreme preeclampsia during her first pregnancy with her daughter Wambo, and then lost another child due to the same condition. With her son Junior, she almost died and was left paralyzed on the left side of her body. "Getting Junior almost killed me. I was paralyzed on the left side of my body, but by the grace of God, he was delivered early. He was such a tiny little baby," she said.

Size 8's journey to have a baby has been fraught with health issues, and she has suffered at least two miscarriages due to high blood pressure. Her last pregnancy ended in a tragic miscarriage, and she acknowledged that having a baby was not something she would pursue anymore. "And then after that, I got pregnant the fourth time, again, I almost died. I think all of you saw. But unfortunately, my baby did not survive," she said.

Despite her struggles, Size 8 remains grateful for her life and is committed to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. "I'm alive today, and I'm preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ," she said. "I'm grateful for every single day that I get to live, and I want to use every day to serve God and to bring glory to His name."

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