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Habida's journey to accepting her stretch marks and embracing motherhood

 Singer Habida Moloney. (Courtesy)

Habida Moloney is an accomplished singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur who has built a career around empowering women to embrace their true selves. In her recent Instagram post, Habida shared her thoughts on what it means to be a woman and the scars that come with it.

For Habida, being a woman means being strong and resilient, but it also means having scars that come from fighting harder than anyone else. These scars may be physical, emotional, or mental, but they all have one thing in common: they are a testament to a woman's strength and endurance.

One of the scars that Habida has dealt with is stretch marks. She shared that these marks had caused her to struggle with postpartum depression for years. However, she now chooses to look at them as beautiful because they mark the day she brought into the world her most precious treasures - a powerful reminder that our scars do not define us but rather show the strength and resilience we possess.

"The scars I gained through birth had me in years of postpartum depression. I share today as I chose to look at them as beautiful.... it marks the day I was blessed to bring into the world the most beautiful people in the world," she wrote.

Habida also acknowledges that women go through things that would kill men to even think about. Women are the backbone of society, holding it together, giving birth to both men and women, and nurturing it. Through their battle scars, women stand strong and wear them proudly. Habida encourages all women to embrace their own crown of scars and to never hold back from being who they truly are.

But Habida's message goes beyond just embracing our scars. It's about empowering women to take control of their lives and dictate who they are. Habida believes that despite the challenges and obstacles that women face, they have the power to determine their own path in life.

"Women go through things that would kill men to even think about. Women are the pillar of society, holding it together, birthing men and women, as well as nurturing it! Through our battle scars, women stand strong and wear them proud," she said.

This message is especially poignant given Habida's own personal struggles. In 2020, she shared with her followers that she had developed a lump in her breast and was waiting to determine if she had cancer. Despite the fear and uncertainty that came with this situation, Habida held onto her faith and remained confident that God could do all things. When her medical tests came back negative, she expressed her gratitude and acknowledged that it was only in moments of crisis that we prepare.

"I have had moments of fear, moments of faith, crying moments at the thought of death because of my children, and then moments of confidence that God can do all things! I realised that it's only in moments of crisis do we prepare!" said Habida.

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