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I have laid a strong foundation in life, says Eddie Butita as he turns 30

 Comedian Eddie Butita. (Courtesy)

Comedian Eddie Butita has celebrated his 30th birthday. In a post shared on social media, Butita said he had already laid a strong foundation in life and that as he climbs to the 'third floor,' it is time to build.

In the post, Butita added that he is experiencing new energy levels and will channel it to expand his craft in the country's entertainment industry.

"Glory be to God, happy 30th birthday to me!!! New Year, New Decade, New Energy, I have laid a strong foundation in life and now it is time to build," he shared in part.

The actor, who doubles up as a businessman, added that he firmly believes that we raise by uplifting others. On his 30th birthday, he promised that many people in his new decade would succeed through him.

"Succeeding in life is a good thing, but succeeding and making others Succeed is pure greatness, this decade is going to be a blessing to many because I am the great Eddie Butita," he shared.

Led by Daniel Ndambuki, aka Mwalimu Churchill, local celebrities camped in the comment section to wish Butita well in his new year;

@Mwalimchurchill: Happy Happy Birthday Bazuuu, Content maestro na maideas. Now that's the real Buzz!!!Keki iko wapi?

@sandra_dacha: Happy birthday

@mulamwah: Hbd kaka

@sammie_kioko: Happy birthday more life

@henrydesagu: Happiest birthday Kaka

@nasrayusuff: Aaawwww happy birthday THE GREAT Eddie Butita

@i_amkabugi: Hbd Eddie ??The Kingdom is now on

@judynyawira: Happiest birthday Sir!

Earlier this year, the former Churchill show comedian narrated how he was forced to turn down a radio job offer worth Sh70, 000 per month, despite toiling for almost two years to get it.

"I loved the money but sikusign hiyo contract nilimrudishia na nikamwambia asante nimeachive. Kama unaweza kubali naweza fanya kazi, that is all I needed. Ile time nilikuwa nataka kufanya kazi hukunipea opportunity, I wish you well uko na Sh70K hapa tafuta msee anaweza fanya hiyo kazi. It was not worth it, hata kama ni Sh70K, kuna time hata ningefanya hii job bure but sai haiwezi na nikarudisha contract. I have never felt proud of myself like that I my life, yes sina pesa ya maana ivo but nimekataa Sh70K juu ya madharau ya mtu. I felt like a winner," narrated Eddie Butita.

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