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Nay Wa Mitego sets the record straight on 'Wapi Huko'

 Nay wa Mitego

Tanzanian singer Emmanuel Elibarick, known as Nay Wa Mitego, recently spoke about the discussions surrounding his latest song, "Wapi Huko." The song has been the subject of much speculation, particularly among Kenyan audiences, prompting Nay Wa Mitego to offer clarification.

In "Wapi Huko," Nay Wa Mitego explores a range of societal issues. He describes a visit to an unnamed country, which he cryptically refers to as ‘abroad.’ The song vividly depicts this country, illustrating it as a place where the cost of living is high, with expensive food yet relatively cheap alcohol. It also addresses the impact of daytime power outages on the working population.

The song critiques the music industry, particularly focusing on the perceived lack of dedication among artists, which seems to shift only in response to fan criticism. Nay Wa Mitego also sheds light on economic difficulties, suggesting a disparity where intimacy is more readily accessible than basic needs. The unemployment issue among educated individuals is highlighted, portraying a grim picture of qualified people without meaningful jobs. On societal morals, Nay Wa Mitego comments on young women having relationships with older men for financial benefits.

Towards the end of the song, he appears to defend comedian Eric Omondi, depicting him as a rare advocate for Kenyan welfare, in contrast to other artists who align with the government. He implies that a few face police scrutiny for their outspoken support of the people.

Nay Wa Mitego addressed the varied interpretations of his song, stating that he did not specifically name any country. He took to Instagram, encouraging fans from Kenya, Tanzania, and Congo to discuss their views, underscoring that the song's message was not limited to Kenya. He observed that listeners from both Tanzania and Kenya found the themes of the song reflective of their countries' circumstances.

"I have not mentioned any name in my new song," he explained, "but our neighboring friends from Kenya believe it addresses them. Tanzanians too have related it to our own situation." He concluded by saying, “The song is revealing a lot about the leadership and societal issues in our two nations.”

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