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How we set up former Kirinyaga Deputy Governor


ter five years in remand, Elizabeth Waithera Njuguna popularly known as Liz Njuguna has tasted freedom again.Waithera, who hails from Subukia, Nakuru County, became infamous in April 2018 after a video of her being busted in a compromising position with former Kirinyaga Deputy Governor Peter Ndambiri was leaked.

The video was fashioned to appear as though Mr Ndambiri was having an illicit affair with Waithera behind her alleged husband who roughed up the politician while half naked.Ndambiri would later reveal that criminals who leaked the video set him up for it and were demanding Sh5 million to buy their silence which he refused.Waithera, who has been behind bars for five years for other offenses, was recently released from prison.

Rough early marriageShe has come out to explain her life story, broken relationships, and involvement in crime which landed her in remand.Speaking to a local YouTuber, Waithera explained that she got married immediately after high school and they were blessed with a son.“After some time, the family supported me to pursue my dreams. I enrolled in college but with time, our marriage turned toxic and I had to quit,” said Waithera.While still in college, Waithera landed a job in a financial institution in Nairobi and was later involved with a prominent businessman who was married.“The man told me his marriage was not working. He would take me to family events but introduced me to friends accompanying him. He too was a violent man and assaulted me several times,” she says.She explained that though the man showered her with love, he also became openly unfaithful to her which made her reconsider why she was still in a relationship with the married man.“I loved him. I used to share the same table with prominent businessmen courtesy of him. At times, he would rough me up in front of them and all they could do was sympathize with me,” said Waithera.She would later break up with the businessman and maintain links with the same circle of friends with whom they would go partying around the city.“During our outings, I came to know a male politician and became friends. He trusted me. The clique of friends, however, saw an opportunity to take advantage of that friendship,” she said.She narrated that the friends only told her to bring Ndambiri closer so that he would not suspect anything when they lay a trap for him.“I was living under threats from the friends who made me part of their plot to bring him down politically. At first, I refused to work with them but they sent someone who made serious threats to me and my son. I had to give in,” she said.

Private residenceThe plan was that they would identify a house where she would invite Ndambiri and one of the male friends posing as her husband would bust them once they were naked.“It was a private residence and the friends were within the compound when he arrived. We were found naked in bed. The homeowner came in as mother to the fake husband,” said Waithera.During the encounter, Waithera says that she too was beaten up to make it appear real as they filmed.“After filming, they peacefully released him. A meeting was held in Thika and they demanded a refund of my dowry. They blackmailed him that they would only delete the video if he gave in to their blackmail,” said Waithera.She says that the video was released a month later as the negotiations went on despite her attempts to convince them not to expose Ndambiri.“It was a very shameful incident. I take it as a wage of sins. My 40 days had come. Our nudes were widely shared. In my mind, I didn’t know that I had gotten myself involved in something that would have such an impact,” she said.

She said that after the incident, she became strangers with the politician with several raids being done in her house which forced her to relocate to another man’s residence.“There is nothing worse than living in fear. I was being sought by the police at my previous residence which forced me to keep off from the public. I had to cut off all forms of communication,” she said.Her rescuer introduced her to a new gang that was involved in robberies. Their spree was however short-lived as the law caught up with them.Two of her accusers, however, forgave her leading to eventual release. 

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