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Bushra, Yvonne Khisa address fall out with Crazy Kennar

 Yvonne Khisa and Bushra Sakshi. [Facebook]

Content creators Yvonne Khisa and Bushra Sakshi have lifted the lid on what made them part ways with Crazy Kennar.

Speaking on Dr Ofweneke's show, Bushra claimed Kennar had disrespected them and even though she still has the comedian’s number, they are not in touch.

“We were better together but ukiwachwa kwa desert you have to go look for water. I do not harbour any bitterness because that will just hinder my progress.

“You might consider someone but maybe they are not considering you,” said Bushra.

Khisa also weighed in on their humble beginnings saying they would wake up everyday to shoot content even though they were not working with any brands.

Looking back, the two comediennes admitted that the ‘break up’ was a difficult pill to swallow but they had to move on and reinvent themselves.

“What can make me cry is the moments we shared. We’ve shared memories, birthdays, we’ve seen each other cry," said Khisa.

They added that the group was unified by passion when it started as it was never about the money but churning out unique content regularly.

“All of us were doing it for passion, we were doing this because we loved doing it and our heart was here. It was not about the money,” said Bushra.

Asked about their plans, Khisa was bullish that she can create viral content on her own as she has been involved in arts since she was in upper primary.

“People should expect more content…Arts is something that is in me. I’ve done videos that have gone viral and I believe I still have the ability to produce more content," said Khisa.

Bushra echoed her sentiments saying content creators constantly need to think outside the box and come up with new concepts.

The duo added that they are still discovering themselves but did not rule out working together in future.

Khisa was recently a trending topic on Twitter after a section of netizens bashed her following a vine she had uploaded.

Some claimed it was not funny and urged her to put aside her differences with Kennar as they felt she was losing her creativity.

 Yvonne Khisa and Crazy Kennar [Facebook]

Asked about how she handled it, Khisa said so many people called her asking whether she was okay.

“I do not think people were hating on me because of content but the entire situation we are in…because they do not know what really transpired,” she said.

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