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Know your street lingo: Latest Sheng in town

 Mbogi Genje

Are you tired of being out of the loop when it comes to the latest street slang? Want to impress your friends with your impeccable urban lingo?

Well, get ready, because we have got the scoop on the freshest sheng terminologies taking over the streets in 2023! Step into a world where language becomes a playground of creativity and expression.

It is more than just words; it represents a way of life, an expression of urban culture, and a symbol of street credibility.

We explore the buzzing lexicon that is making waves in different hoods, allowing you to decipher social media conversations and navigate the urban landscapes like a pro.

Here are the hottest slang words of this year;

Sir Gugda- Godfather

Lembeki - In front

Kudigi - Understanding

Rada shava - Things are okay

Dibra- Brand

Ngwaka- Cigarette

Maduya- Drug Pills

Giz Giz- Late at night

Jing jong- Miraa

Niko Ital - I am Okay

Gwedhe - Muguka

Palmer - Boss

Mustem - School

Shake - New for Pitch

Chude - Very nice

Mbegeko - Gun

Salipe - M-Pesa

Dareta - Browsing Bundles

Nditni - Inside

Fulikwe - Safaricom Fuliza

Diku Tezo - All days

Tigre - Blood

Rije - Water

Murima - Plot of land

Inengi - Another one

Kibugudum - Gun

Bumbrush - Being chased

Patora/Top Hat

Gonagi/Chupa - Stunners

Natalaso/Nadiglo - I understand

Roboba - Blubber/Talking recklessly

Gushodo - Beautiful woman

Kaijin/Brejin - Brother

Fafiri/ Machargi/Mpawa - Friend

Mpoa - My girlfriend/Boyfriend

Azareka - Birthday

Rishama - Respect

Kubakishwa - Killed

Bugde - Arrest

Mondaki - Home

Mashakudhe - Sex

Ndakla- House/ Home

Lumba - 20 shillings coin

Salaba - 30 Shillings

Sepecha - Go

Masanegi - Idols

Kuthiagi - Stealing

Mzagla - Dad/Old man

Chwezza - 50 shillings Note

Jimpoa - 500 shillings

Nisereche/ Nitrace- Look for me/Let's link up

Piga koto - Breaking a padlock

Manatii/Rathu - Sneaker shoes

Iriswe - I hope so/God willing (Inshallah)

Tuke - Yesterday

Kunago/ Kuzima - Sleeping

Kuchakachaka - Laughing

Kuchosi - Craying

Wabling - Water

Ku'dim - Blacking out

Mbachuwe - Understand

Mwethe/Chako - Android/Iphone phone

Kujituma - Working hard

Mbakumbaku - Bag

Digi - Listen

Chargi - Right/wingman

Nauwo vyoi - Know that

Sherra - Go

Sherrah - Dance

Mwoke - Come

Laku - Eat

Maguzi - Kales

Akona urigii - Akona ufala - He/She is stupid

Mzimbiting - A guy

Ringis - Handcuffs

Mashashola - Weed

Piga Mosheti - Cut with a sharp object

Kujumbutua - Knowing something

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