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'Kaveve Kazoze' hitmaker Ngesh speaks on her rise to fame

 Kaveve Kazoze hitmaker 'Ngesh'

Mary Wangechi, also known as Ngesh' wa Vasha, on Friday spoke of her rise to fame and why she prefers working with men.

Speaking to Standard Entertainment, she explained that growing up surrounded by men made it easier for her to understand and collaborate with them.

"Napenda kufanya kazi na wanaume kwa sababu nilikulia nao na ninajihisi vizuri karibu nao," she said.

In her popular song "Rieng Genje," Ngesh refers to her female friends as "Madem dot com."

She explained that this term originated from her pleading with them to participate in shoots, but they were often hesitant or acted aloof.

"Nikiwaita tufanye mambo pamoja au kwenda kurekodi, wanakataa, lakini wanaume wamekuwa na usaidizi daima," she said.

Ngesh' is a member of the Spider Clan, which includes her brothers, a childhood friend, and their elder brother as the manager.

He takes care of securing gigs and organizing meetings for the group. Recently, he arranged a meeting with Senator Karen Nyamu, who later gifted them money and promised to cover their studio expenses.

Having been raised together and sharing a passion for music, they wrote lyrics and performed as a group.

Ngesh's fearlessness and being the only girl in the group made her stand out. They have released several songs, including "Rada Fisa," "Rieng Genje," and their latest release, "Dera," which have garnered a substantial following and gained popularity among Kenyans.

During the interview, Ngesh and the other band members opened up about various topics and shared their life experiences and aspirations.

She expressed her desire for their music career to flourish and for opportunities to arise for the band.

Since her solo debut, Ngesh has released her first single, "Dem Dem," showcasing her unique style and love for music.

She has received support not only from her friends but also from her proud and supportive parents.

Additionally, she mentioned that when she is not involved in music, she engages in other hustles such as selling sling bags to make ends meet.

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