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MC Fullstop reacts to false reports of his death

 Reggae MC Fullstop. (Courtesy)

Reggae MC Fullstop, also known as John Maina, has spoken out against the spread of fake news after reports of his supposed death circulated on social media.

The DJ, who had been diagnosed with tuberculosis in March, causing his left lung to collapse, expressed his frustration on Instagram regarding the matter.

"The guy has done a lot of damage in my life especially what I am going through right now!" wrote MC Fullstop.

The fake news had caused widespread panic amongst his family and friends, which led MC Fullstop to take to Twitter to express his grievances.

He called on the authorities, including the DCI and Kenya police, to help take down the account that had spread the false news.

"Ame affect life yangu, my medical condition my family and friends, mtu kama huyo anafaa kushikwa na awekwe ndani," he said.

In March this year, Fullstop shared some devastating news with his fans. He revealed that he had been diagnosed with tuberculosis, which had caused his left lung to collapse.

This had made it difficult for him to carry out his daily activities, and he had to adjust to living with only one lung for the rest of his life.

Despite undergoing treatment, his condition worsened in 2022 when he was diagnosed with TB affecting his throat, which has further impacted his health.

The reggae MC expressed his gratitude to his fans and supporters who have been with him throughout his health struggles. He hinted that he may be retiring from his career as an MC, given the challenges he now faces due to his illness.

Fullstop also explained that unlike the liver, which can regenerate itself, the lungs are unable to heal themselves. This means that he will have to adjust to living with one lung for the rest of his life.

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