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Ole Lenku sheds tears as he tells of his tough journey to the top


Kajiado Governor Joseph Ole Lenku took residents by surprise after he broke down and wept in front of his wife and hundreds of locals who had gathered to pray for rains.

The prayers were also to celebrate his election petition win.

Songs and recitations by various choirs overwhelmed him, and contrary to norms among the Maa community, the governor shed tears uncontrollably.

The songs about God's divine help on his leadership were belted out during the ceremony convened by House of Bishops, a consortium of senior inter-denominational clergymen from Narok and Kajiado counties.

When he rose to speak, Lenku gave moving anecdotes of his tumultuous political journey, which his detractors had worked hard to curtail and thanked the people of Kajiado for having confidence in him despite external ridicule.

"I never knew I would be CS Interior in 2013, I had applied to be a PS. It caught many by surprise and the detractors started sabotaging me from Day One. When I left and said I want to be governor none of my friends and relatives gave me a chance. We prayed with my wife and it became a reality," said Lenku.

He added that detractors portrayed him as an underdog but he triumphed even after some security agencies gave false reports about his popularity.


Lenku termed the 2022 elections as gruelling, saying the fallout between President Uhuru Kenyatta and his then Deputy William Ruto confused Jubilee party supporters - a situation that almost cost him the seat.

"We were in one family in 2017 but by early 2022, it became clear that people had to follow one of them, I chose to follow the President as the constitutional leader of the Government.

"My detractors didn't leave me. They followed me into Uhuru's stable and sold out the party's ticket. Uhuru's party picked my competitor and the DP picked someone else from my backyard. I did quick arithmetic and decided to go to ODM. The move shook many but it was God at work for me," narrated Lenku.

The testimonials moved the crowd and people could be seen wiping tears using handkerchiefs. "Even after I won the difficult election, my rivals demanded half of my Government and threatened to go to court to petition my win. I refused to budge and the matter went to court. We are here because we want to thank God for winning this final hurdle," said Lenku.

Leaders at the ceremony acknowledged that the results of the county elections were a true reflection of the people's will.

"It is God's will that Lenku was elected governor. There is no need to fight anymore. I have fought Lenku but now we agree and accept that he is our leader," said nominated Senator Peris Tobiko.

Kajiado East MP Kakuta Maimai also echoed Tobiko's sentiments and called on UDA MCAs at the Assembly to embrace development-oriented politics.

The pressure of the MCAs to work together was amplified by Archbishop Peter Tankua and Bishop Peter Mankura who pledged to intervene to end the stalemate between Lenku and MCAs.

Maa Council of Elders head Kelena Ole Nchoe said the community will fully support the county government but added that the elders will be above party politics.

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