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Abel Mutua: Why I do not want another child

 Abel Mutua

Kenyan filmmaker Abel Mutua has asked his fans to stop mounting pressure on him and his wife Judy Nyawira to get a second baby.

Abel, popularly known as ‘Mkurugenzi’ dismissed the ideology of a complete family constituting a certain number of children.

“If I decide to have one child, it's a personal choice and I don’t see how it affects you… if it would be affecting you we would try and get another…but why are you sleepless? I know why I have decided one is enough, I have my reasons, if you want to get 15 children, go ahead,” he said in an online interview.

Abel added that siring children is a personal choice and should be accorded due respect. The actor also cited that people always came with the notion that with having one child ‘anything can happen’.

This is a perception he trashed. The two; Judy and Abel revealed that they got their baby when they were young and had to figure out most things on their own.

“She was 22 I was 23. I had just graduated….and since I love her I was like let’s go on with it. I had to take up all the responsibilities pertaining to her and the baby.

He took up three different roles; acting (Tahidi High), camera work and script writing. Two years later, in 2012, he was hospitalized due to fatigue and this saw him quit his job.

Why is he content with one child?

“I feel like the lifestyle I want for my kid can only sustain one. I want what I can handle and even looking at my financial status, I can only manage this one child.”

Aside from the expenses of raising a baby, Abel revealed that to date he is still traumatized about pregnancy and needs to seek professional help. He is however open to having another baby only if the wife wants.

“I need to deal with the trauma...but the day Judy says… I am ready to get another one …we will as long as we have a good consensus,” he said.

Back in June, Abel’s wife, Judy, shared her displeasure after netizens piled pressure on her to get another baby.

She reiterated that she was content with one child and and it was a path they had chosen as a couple.

“We closed that chapter, we are OK with just one child...Please those stupid questions that you people keep asking in the DM, eti ongeza mwingine, please those are stupid questions.

“It's a personal decision. It's not like we can’t have another baby. We are okay with having that one child,” she said.

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