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How I landed ‘Papa Shirandula’ role- Jacky ‘Awinja’ Vike speaks

 Jacky Vike alias Awinja.

‘Papa Shirandula’ actress Jacky Vike known by her stage name Awinja has become a household name, owing to her relatable, hilarious character in the local TV series.

However, what many don’t know is that before she landed her job as ‘mboch’ she had no prior experience in ‘accent acting’.

Narrating her acting journey in a past interview, Vike narrated how she met the director, Charles ‘Papa Shirandula’ Bukeko at a set where she was auditioning for a role which she ended up not getting.

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“I went for an audition and it happened that Charles was part of the panel. After the third audition, I passed but then I don’t know what happened to the project.

“Almost a year later, he called me saying ‘I’m not calling you for that role you auditioned for but for Papa Shirandula. I’m giving you a house girl role and she is from Mumias’,” she narrated.

 Jacky Vike.

She was in disbelief as she had landed the role which was out of her comfort zone. Vike braced herself and gave it her all and is now one of the most successful actresses in the film industry.

“I’d done the set books travelling theatre for almost a year, so my new role was quite challenging,” she continued.

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Message to the youth

Don’t be fooled though, the Awinja you see on screens is a completely different person online. The ruggedly dressed house help from Mumias is a show-stopper on Instagram with exquisite taste for fashion.

In a message to the youth, Awinja encouraged them not to be fooled by celebrities whose lives seem perfect and rosy. She urged the youth not to imitate the celebrities and instead work hard.

 Jacky Vike.

"You will never be happy when you are living a lie to please people on social media. Most youths are being misled by what celebrities post on social media, thinking that it is their everyday life.

"Whatever you see on social media is usually not me at all. I'm a totally different person when I'm out of social media. It is what we choose for people to see,” she concluded.

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