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Nameless almost dumped Wahu for an engaged radio presenter

 Wahu and Nameless [Photo: Courtesy]

The latest love affair on everyone’s lips is that of the socialite, Vera Sidika, and her current musician boyfriend, one Otile Brown.

The socialite with the big tits (are they for real?) has made headlines opening some ‘spa’ with Otile in tow, ‘broken up’ with the fellow for a week, and now he’s about to release a new song.

The reason for the quotation marks is because, with Miss Sidika, everything comes ‘in quotes.’

As a revered senior editor revealed this week, Vera Sidika was no starry-eyed girl, even when in Campus at Kenyatta University, when she came to do a ‘Playboy’ type shoot at Mash Autos.

 Vera Sidika and Otile Brown [Photo: Courtesy]

She eventually got the break she had been looking for as the ‘video vixen of the year’ (2014) in the P-Unit and Collo collabo, Dendai.

And with a derriere to die for – not to mention a big rack inside the brasserie – many men, including convicted Naija drug dealers – were soon making a beeline for her butt.

With an expert eye for the bottom-line, Miss Sidika was soon in ‘bizness.’

In a month’s time, musicians Nameless and Wahu – now blessed with two daughters – will be celebrating their thirteenth wedding anniversary. They got married on Sept 10th, 2005.

Yet, very few folks out there know that those two actually met exactly 20 years ago, when ‘Nameless,’ then known as David Mathenge, was both a fresh architecture student (University of Nairobi) and budding musician – with his local mega-hit ‘Mega Rider’ at least a year over the horizon.

 Nameless and Wahu back in the day [Photo: Courtesy]

Wahu, just a year out of high school, was a dancer (though she would also soon join UoN and do a degree in Advanced Math) and dating this ‘showbiz producer’ dude called Bernie Neto.

Once Bernard had professionally linked Wahu to Nameless – as a dancer – the singer sliced Wahu out of his net with his knife, swiiissshh! And the rest, as they say, is history.

Or not! When people say ‘the rest is history,’ what they actually mean is that the rest was smooth sailing, and so too dull to talk about.

The Nameless and Wahu romantic affair was anything but!

With Nameless, by the early two oh-ohs becoming the biggest music celebrity in Kenya, with one monster hit after another -  Ninanoki (featuring Amani), Nasinzia Nikikuwaza, Furahiday (with Nonini), Holiday, and one of my all-time favourites, Deadly – all the girls in the house were after him, like ‘niko na mpango, mpango iko kwako …’

The grapevine has it that Nameless succumbed to the charms of a certain Kenyasian radio presenter in the early two-oh-ohs, causing sorrow to said radio presenter’s fiancée.

And rendering Wahu Kagwi speechless with fury! But not for long! Like the musician Pink who thrives on relationship chaos/marital woes as her muse (check Pink out on YouTube), Wahu soon had her ‘He is a Liar’ hit out.

Followed by her sing-along defiant song ‘Sitishiki, na hizo hela zako, hazinitishi’ (supposedly directed at her love rival).

 Nameless and Wahu back in the day [Photo: Courtesy]

Never mind.

By the last quarter of 2005, Nameless was walking down Wahu Kagwi  down the lakeside aisle in Naivasha – and said Kenyasian radio personality would later marry her fiancé, also a Kenyasian – with both unions being ironically happy ones.

Which just goes to show one ought to never dump a local soul-mate, for an exotic fling.

By the time Wahu was winning the MAMA Award as best in Africa in 2008 in Abuja, shortly after the election of Obama as U.S. president (for her song, ‘Sweet Love,’ inspired by the birth of their daughter, Tumiso), one got the sense that this songbird was singing her swansong.

And, sure enough, she would soon go, successfully, into the spa-and-salon business, though Wahu too seems to be soul rebranding as a Sunday songstress.

Back to the bottom line, V. Sidika is the seamstress of re-engineering her brand.

To stay relevant, after being our first national slay queen, these past three years, she has bleached her skin, done product spin, and now Otile Brown seems to be her latest guinea pig, to stay ahead in the attention stakes.

Never mind that Fundi Frank opines that this is good news for Otile’s career, as he is the one ‘hitting that coveted, curvaceous bottom, and enjoying the hype.’

It is almost enough to make one crave for a time, not too long ago, when celebrity romances (as well as buttocks) were for real.

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