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Top 5 phrases every woman loves to hear from her man


Women are emotional beings, far more emotional than men.

They like to be told things, nice things, not necessarily all the time but at least once or twice in a day.

Here are some of the things women love hearing from their men:

15. "What do you think?"

A woman feels needed when her man asks for her advice - when he seeks her opinion.

14. "How was your day?"

When her man asks how she is, how she feels, what her day has been like; she feels cared for. A woman wants a man who listens.

13. "Happy birthday"

Though some women hide their age, they feel special when the man remembers her birthday and does something sweet to celebrate the day she came into the world.

12. "Thank you"

So many women feel unappreciated, it's like their men take them casually and see no need to thank them for what they are expected to do. Gentlemen, say thank you to your woman when she cooks for you, straightens your tie, writes you an encouraging message and does a kind gesture big or small.

11. "I am glad I have you"

These words show how important she is to him.

10. "This is my woman"

Gentleman, introducing her as "My woman/ fiancé/ wife" makes her feel secure. It hurts a woman when her own man appears ashamed to tell the public who she is to him, it makes her uncomfortable when he hides her position in his life and chooses to introduce her by her official name just like everybody else.

9. "I am sorry"

It takes humility for a man to apologise. Too many men are governed by ego and pride to even say sorry to their own lover. Sometimes all a woman is waiting for is her man to say 'I am sorry".

8. "Can I take you out?"

A woman loves being taken out on a date. She loves it when her man makes plans for them and not she begging for him to see her. Gentleman, your woman is waiting for you to ask her if she is free, even if she might be busy she'll feel good that you asked her.

7. "Goodnight"

There's nothing sweeter to close the day for a woman than her man wishing her a Goodnight. It's just one word but it means a lot, she wants to close her eyes to sleep knowing her man is OK and feels her warmth.

6. "Happy Anniversary"

Gentleman, don't ever forget the Anniversary of your love/ marriage. To her, forgetting it might equate to you taking what you two have so casual.

5. "I miss you"

A woman loves to feel thought of when far from her man. It warms her heart when she can tell that her man wishes so much to be physically with her.

4. "You are beautiful"

She has taken years to nurture her inner beauty, years taking care of her body. She has spent hours at the salon, time in front of the mirror, money to buy the right jewelry and clothes; it pleases her when her man notices and praises her effort.

3. 'Will you marry me?"

A woman in love longs for the day her man will ask her this.

2. "I do"

This is the most sacred, greatest and most cherished promise of a man to his woman. She takes this promise to heart.

1. "I love you"

These words take the number one spot. When a woman loves a man, she never gets tired of hearing these three words from him. She longs to hear this, especially he being the one to say it first not she initiating it then him saying it back every time. Don't deny her these three words if you really mean them.

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