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Activities to engage in during this long holiday for the secondary and primary school students


This is the first time in the history of Kenyan education system when pupils and students are forced to stay away from school for a very long period of time. In the past they used to stay for less than two months and then they would be back to school. But since they are forced to stay at home for all this long, the following are the best activities that they should engage in.

They ought to embrace the culture of reading, not necessarily reading what pertains to their syllabus but they can decide to read novels in order to boost their linguistic skills. This will also help them to be more creative in life by looking at how certain problems were solved by different writers.

They also need to assist their caregivers greatly with the home chores. This will reduce their chances of loitering around the various villages and estates. Once that is reduced even chances of involving in certain risky behaviors is reduced.

They should stay put at home without going to visit their so many relatives unless the parent is also available with them. Researchers have proved out that, most of the minor defilements and mistreatment always come from the relatives whom the children have laid their trust the most. Sometimes a relative may decide to overwork the child and then leave their own children to rest.

They should engage in health behaviors such as playing football, running and any other forms of games. This will keep their mind busy, make their body to be physically fit and greatly reduce their chances of engaging in risky sexual behaviors or drug abuse. For instance when they play a lot of energy is spent. Playing should not be done throughout the day but for only a section of the day.

They should also engage more in church activities for them to grow spiritually. These church activities include singing and doing bible studies especially to help them to work for God and also to know him better.

When all the above activities are followed to the latter, there is a possibility that the child will not sway away from what is supposed to be done. It will also reduce chances of them involving in unhealthy risky behaviors like drug abuse, risky sexual behavior among others.


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