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I don’t date light skinned men because they are “weak”


One Saturday afternoon, I was chilling with my girl friends Rachel and Natalie. We were engaging in our common discussions about love, fashion and men when a certain topic arose.

Amidst all the discussions, I noticed that all of Rachel’s exes, current boyfriend and even sponsors were dark skinned. Then I decided to ask her why she has never dated light skinned men. Her response left me startled.

“I don’t like light skinned men, I think that they are very weak. Light skinned men don’t look strong and protective enough. They cannot handle me”

That was when I realized that her sentiments may be right at some point. Have you ever noticed that light skinned men are softies? Those who come from large families are either fourth born or last born, they are mama’s boys; the others are the only children in the families and are the pampered types. They are the kind of children whose mothers camped in the hospitals for two weeks before, they were born, the nurses kept on checking on their mother’s whenever they coughed or sneezed.

Their light skin complexion made them look cute and this is why they were always pampered. Their staple food was Weetabix, cerelac and corn flex when they were kids. When they grow up, they embrace pizza and fries. Will such meals make one strong?

“They are so scared, they scream at the top of their voices while climbing on the coach when they see a cockroach. I don’t need such men besides me, I need a man who when I am with I will feel protected. Not one who looks fragile and can break at any point.” Rachel continued to explain to me why she cannot date light skinned men.

I am not in a position to judge her opinion, but I am just left to wonder and ask myself many questions.

From what Rachel said, it is like they are the ones who want to be pampered by their ladies, instead of them being the ones to do so. I tend to think that Rachel is so unfair to light skinned men. I mean it is not their fault they were born light skinned.

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