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8 things ladies do after a breakup


Sweetheart, come on there’s more to life than just one partner (yawn).

You need to kiss a few frogs before you finally get your prince charming. Oh, plus the whore phase…that’s important too. Hey, don’t be all judge-y rolling your eyes and sh*t…it’s one of the necessities of dating; take notes from Kim Kardashian.


Anyway before I stray too far from the intended topic, let’s talk about the biggest downside of dating; heartbreaks! Those are the worst right?


Different people react differently to heartbreaks. However, we are all guilty of doing these things after a heartbreak:

 1. Deleting the number;

Let’s face it, the first thing we do after a break up is to delete the number even though sadly, we know it off head, number for number.

 2. Crying a river;

 Even if you are the most heartless human being on the planet, you will end up crying after breaking up with someone you loved. It’s painful to think about all the plans you made together for the future and how they no longer matter plus the loneliness really kicks in.

 3. Burning memories;

Some people horde a box full of memories, photos, love letters, collectibles from trips you took together…pff for what purpose?! That person is no longer in your life so why keep the memories? Delete all evidence on social media, burn his damn photos and start a fresh. It’s important to get rid of all old baggage before getting into a new relationship.

 4. Stalking

When you break up with your ex, a part of you still wants to know what they’re up to, who they’re talking to, and most importantly, the new girl commenting on his Instagram photos. Yup, we click on that girl’s profile and totally scrutinize the new enemy from the weave to the toes. Matter of fact, we will laugh at the downgrade ‘from me to this thing? LOL’. Well, truth of the matter is, if you’re still stalking your ex, you obviously still care a lot!

 5. Drunk dialing and texting

This could easily be the mother of all embarrassing moments. Your friends take you out to kill all the melancholy you’re drowning in and after a few sex on the beach cocktails, you’re crying like a baby telling everyone in the bathroom about your failed relationship and texting him all sorts of mediocre. You wake up the next day, see the sent items and you immediately want to hang yourself. #Protip, block your ex to avoid this mistake.


 6. Turning to the guy in the friend zone

You know that guy sooooooo deep in the friend zone that you send him a photo of your dress options to a party you plan on attending and ask him to choose one? Yeah that guy…you call him, he comes with ice cream or junk food and you bitch about how John wasn’t even good enough for you, while you binge watching repeats of Game of Thrones and lusting on Khaleesi’s perky breasts every time her scenes come up.


 7. Joining a dating site

 Going back to the whole dating process all over again? Urgh…so exhausting. But you gotta Tinder your way back to another relationship right? No judging.

 8. Getting a rebound

Once you’re back on Tinder Once you start meeting other potential base again, you gotta release all that tension and anger and what better way than to sleep around a wee bit?

Where do you lie?

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