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Programmes on radio should be regulated


I was in a public transport vehicle on Monday at around 10pm and the radio was on full blast. Suddenly a woman in a loud shrill voice started talking about Mombasa and repeatedly spoke of ‘Mombasa raha’.

That is when the coin dropped. This is a programme discussing bedroom matters in public. I was so embarrassed about the programme that I wanted to shed tears.

I just thought, what if there was a lady travelling with her father in law or vice versa in the ‘matatu’?

I imagine programmes in developing countries have a penchant for showing embarrassing things. However, talking about bedroom matters on radio is a kick below the belt.

What does this lady think when her siblings, parents and relatives listen to her talking about what men and women do in the privacy of their bedrooms?

When she was in school did she ever listen to such programs? In the rural areas, radio is the only form of communication people have with the outside world. You can imagine the damage it does to families.

This is a shame as we have respectable Kenyans who cannot take this lying down. Is she telling us that Kenyans are leading in immorality? Such people include religious people, imams, priests, brothers, nuns etc.

What is she teaching the youth? Let this programme be stopped. We support Mutua with his regulation on some programs.                                                                                        

The little opportunity given to a monkey to wear clothes does not guarantee it to join the dining table.

Nationhood is possible but it takes an enlightened elite to achieve it. The greed for money has ruined our sense of self-worth.

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