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3 key things to consider when buying male colognes

Clogne for men
 How to choose a good men cologne Photo: Courtesy

You've decided to find a cologne, but which one suits you? You could go to several stores and get samples to try, but in case you are short on time an option is to shop online.

Most men online may find they don’t know whether a cologne will turn a woman’s head or have her finding an exit. Here's what you need to know about finding a cologne that accentuates your strength and sensual appeal.


What separates superior colognes from the sea of mediocre fragrances is the composition of ingredients. The best colognes have a unique blend of aromatics that give the scent depth and character.

 The different elements called notes, which describe the scent, and how women perceive its aroma. The dominant aroma that gives the cologne its character is called the top note. For an extra masculine scent, the notes will be more spicy, woody, earthy, crisp and less sweet.

It's fine to use cologne with sweet notes, but not as the dominant note. You don't want a woman to ask, "Are you wearing perfume?" Or worse, accuse you of an indiscretion.


The strength of the cologne affects its “projection,” or how far the scent travels. A stronger cologne can be detected several steps away, while a milder one is only noticeable by someone in a close embrace.

Projection is important for your scent to be noticed and attractive. Otherwise, you have wasted your time and money. Strong colognes aren't necessarily better than mild ones.

It's about how you use it. You can buy and wear a strong smell, but it requires more careful application. A dab or spritz at the jugular and other sensual areas is sufficient with powerful blends.


The oil content determines how long your cologne lasts. The more oils, the stronger and longer-lasting the scent. Longevity is incredibly important because a cologne should last all night

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