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Inside Sonal Maherali's home

 Sonal Maherali's living room [Nailantei Kenga, Standard]

The Real Housewives of Nairobi cast member Sonal Maherali is famously known as the luxury content creator in East Africa. The mother of four refers to herself as Simba and the Queen of the Savannah. She has also been featured in Forbes Africa.

The design of her home is striking. Each space in her home embodies style and elegance.

Multiple areas within the huge open living room are crafted perfectly and precisely to win your attention. It is airy, bright and feels like a celebrity home.

Sonal's living room is akin to a high fashion street model dressed by a luxury designer, with each bespoke piece making a statement. The decor style is eclectic and contemporary.

Distinct living room zones offer various tastes: bold tones to soft hues to rich tones. The textures and patterns exude an eclectic and glamorous look and feel.

A brick wall acts as an accent wall and divider. The wall complements the double-ceiling wooden beam. The pockets of lighting on the brick wall give the space warmth and create an ambience.

A huge painting beside the fireplace gives the white wall character. The fireplace section is cosy and is the perfect place to sit during cold weather.

Two magnificent crystal chandeliers fixed on the exposed beam roof contrast and are eye-catching.

An overarching floor lamp beside a deep red velvet sofa seat fills the room with ambient lighting. The chequered sofa and yellow velvet sofa are mood-boosting and inviting.

A beige sectional luxury sink-in sofa adorned with mixed-colour cushions adds elegance to the space. The mismatched sofas in different sizes and shapes warm the room. A matching poof with mixed cushion covers in various patterns and colours complements the sofa.

The sleek, oblique glass table that rotates for convenience is simply exquisite.

The indoor balcony island feature is beautiful. It is made of glass and gives a fantastic view of the television room downstairs and the dining room adjacent to the living room. The balcony isles lead to the dining area and the kitchen.

"This is a fantastic feature that allows me to view what the children are watching and if they are okay. The apex roof with translucent iron sheets gives you a great view of the sky and the ever-changing weather," she said.

The television room's grey sink-in sofas are cosy. A set of drums patched at the corner and the gigantic state-of-the-art television make the room, which is playful and inviting, feel like a cinema room.

"My children play the drums. I encourage them to enjoy these extra-curricular activities," she said.

Her dining room has a minimalist, refreshing, and stylish vibe. Everything seems sleek.

 The dining area [Nailantei Kenga, Standard]

The room holds sophisticated white leather seats and a glass table with elegant spider legs. The black cabinet and silver lampshades under an enormous mirror look stunning.

The kitchen also holds high bar stools. Once in a while, she cooks for her children, but they have a separate kitchen where her chef prepares their meals.

The fitted appliances blend perfectly with the minimalist cabinetry in neutral colours - elegant but not sterile.

 Sonal Maherali's kitchen [Nailantei Kenga, Standard]

Descending downstairs, one cannot help but notice the magnificent chandelier and the painting of a lion.

"I am the queen of the savannah and a lion. I am mostly quiet, and one should be afraid when the lion is quiet than when it roars," she said.

The floor-to-ceiling window is a fantastic feature on the staircase.

"I grew up in South C. My mum struggled to bring us up. I remember the crotchet covers that all homes had, and I am glad God has blessed me. My story is from grass to grace," she said.

Sonal has different walk-in closets for her designer shoes, bags and clothes.

A shoe enthusiast, the designer shoe closet feels like a top designer store filled with unique styles, shapes, designs and sizes of heels. Mirrors reflect the collection, and it's easy to say that she lives like royalty.

 Maherali's shoe collection [Nailantei Kenga, Standard]

Her bag collection is every girl's dream. Top designer and limited designer collection handbags are part of her collection.

Her make-up collection is from top brands, and Sonal also has some of the most expensive perfumes a woman can desire.

"Because of my mental health, I have learnt that I am strong and can withstand challenges. The show has given me exposure, and hopefully, I have inspired people who suffer from mental health," she said about lessons she has learned from the Real Housewives of Nairobi reality show.

Who said a girl could not have it all? Because Sonal sure does.

 Sonal Maherali [Instagram: officialsonalkotakmaherali]

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