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How to make your journey safe and enjoyable

 A woman sitting on her suitcase. (Courtesy)

Holidays are a great time to let your hair down and unwind. For some people, holidays mean exploration time, offering an escape from the ordinary and routine.

This Easter season offers the perfect opportunity for a refreshing getaway. Today, being an Easter Sunday, the probability is that most people, especially those that had planned their holidays well in advance, are right in the middle of their vacation. For those that had embarked on a road trip, it is now time to plan your travel in readiness for the return journey. Here are some tips.

If your travel involved driving yourself, it means you had done a comprehensive vehicle inspection before you embarked on your travel. Now it is the time to do another vehicle inspection in readiness for your travel back to base.

This is so that you do not undergo mishaps during the back-to-base road trip. For example, doing this gives you a guarantee that you are most unlikely going to have your vehicle break down in the middle of nowhere where you cannot get immediate help to your emergency call.

This is especially so for those travellers who like to do the last-minute dash to meet back-to-work or business deadlines by travelling at night. Travel can take a toll on our health, especially when travelling for long distances that take long hours of travel.

If so, purpose to take breaks, periodically, for example, every two or three hours to do a health break. This allows you time to stretch, a good exercise that allows you to refresh and regain the concentration, and alertness that you need for the next stretch of the road trip.

Use the health breaks too, to keep yourself hydrated (especially for the driver) with water or energy drinks. Chew gum or something that will keep you awake, alert, and fuelled to keep off stress and to keep you going.

The excitement that comes with road trips can be overwhelming for the driver. Beautiful sceneries, interesting experiences, and cultural backgrounds all encountered during the travel can bring in temptations that require a sober mind.

For example, taking pictures or recording videos, or taking calls while driving under alcohol influence can be disastrous. Avoid alcohol or taking alcohol while driving at all costs for your safety and that of your passengers.

If you want to enjoy your favourite drink, hire a driver who keeps to this etiquette so that you can sit down and relax as you enjoy your holidays. Of course there are the obvious things no sane driver should forget; wear your seat belt and observe speed limits.

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