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Travel tips: Celebrate the New Year in style

 A couple on a holiday. (Courtesy)

Here are some ideas on what to do in 2023. 

Spend some time outdoors

It is a great idea to start the New Year by taking some time outdoors. Enjoy the moments recollecting the story of Covid-19 and the two-year mayhem that it brought with it – most importantly, the restrictions and the shutdown on all forms of travel.

Embrace adventure

You also can spend this day adventuring – you may not have planned, but adventure can be a last-minute decision such as taking a walk, or a hike – just to take in beautiful sceneries, and breathe in the fresh air – a start to a healthy life ahead. 

Appreciate those who have been there for you

It is a wonderful thing to be appreciated on the very first day of the New Year, for gestures that you might have accorded a loved one, a friend, a family member, or a stranger. Others too love the same recognition and appreciation, so go ahead and put your gratitude into words and send messages (social media), write notes, send cards – any gesture that will prove your appreciation. 

Get together with special people

It may be that your loved ones are far away, and too far to visit, but you can still celebrate the special day with them by connecting with them online, where you can even go ahead and spend time “together” playing games, cooking, or better still host to a luncheon or dinner with those special people near you. 

Rise to the occasion

It is a New Year, and you might want to spend it a little bit differently. For instance, after a lazy Sunday morning, you could dress to the nines, something you may not have done in a long time, especially if Covid-19 restrictions pushed you to work from home. If you are single, dress up for a special occasion as you go to church (it is a Sunday!) or if your family, ensure your family dresses “to kill” – in their most fabulous pieces like a royal family. 

Declutter for a clean start

If you celebrated Christmas in style and celebrated the ushering in of the New Year on New Year’s eve, then set time to declutter your house for a new start. You do not have to wait a “little longer” to do this. If you do this activity, you will be doing yourself justice by “walking” into the coming year feeling fresh, and unburdened by stuff. 

Meditate and reflect

Find time within the new day for a special moment to meditate, and reflect on the year ahead. This is an excellent way to start your New Year with a focused, clear mindset. You will be surprised at how this time you spent with a little planning comes into play. 

The weirdest of them all – Walk around the neighbourhood with a suitcase

Well, finally yet importantly, it is good to start the first day of the New Year with something comical. One of Latin America’s New Year culture and traditions is to walk around a block with an empty suitcase, apparently to manifest travel and adventure in the year ahead.  If you shy, how about this one of walking in and out of your front door several times while rolling a suitcase to symbolise how often you want to travel? Whichever way you decided to celebrate this new day of the New Year, be safe! Happy New Year from your travel tips writer!

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