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KTN News anchor, Nancy Kacungira: Tabloids mentioned I was secretly married to a tycoon


Nancy Kacungira

Pulse: Word is that you recently held the Social Media Awards in Uganda that saw Tiwa Savage bring the house down. How was that? Nancy: It was quite exciting to see what we had been planning for months come to fruition. Tiwa Savage showed up and gave a stunning performance despite being heavy with child. Having watched the Ugandan social and showbiz scene grow, we felt the urge to appreciate them so we started the Social Media Awards in 2013 to appreciate the digital and online bigwigs. This year was its second edition.

P: Tiwa Savage is one of the best female artiste in Africa... N: She is definitely an African force to reckon with. I was overwhelmed by the fact that she actually flew from Nigeria for our awards ceremony. That was a great honour.

P: You run a few businesses in Uganda. How has it been working in Nairobi and keeping business going back at home? N: My sister Seanice Kacungira and I pioneered several businesses including our Blue Flamingo Company back in the day and the best part is she is often in Uganda to watch over operations. Thankfully, she ensures everything runs smoothly but on major deals and occasions like the Social Media Awards, I have to fly home and be part of it.

P: Seanice has also been in the spotlight for a long time. Was this a family strategy that you both ended up in media spotlight? N: Not really! I think we were simply gifted and passionate about our work so the world welcomed us. My older sister was mostly based in Kenya back in her days as a radio presenter while I was in Uganda but I learnt a lot from her and I could always lean on her whenever I needed assistance and that kept me at my best.

P: Was life as a radio presenter better than being on television? N: Life on radio was so much fun because the people fell in love with our voices and my morning show co-presenter was a comedian so the studio was always a laughter field. At some point, the humour rubbed off on me and I would even crack jokes off studio. Television is different because it’s serious. It ushered me into a new world. That’s why I love it more.

P: How did you get to be on Prime Time news? N: While still working as a radio presenter, I left to pursue my Masters education at the Leeds University and that put me on a higher pedestal; educational and skill-wise. Swiftly, I found myself reading news on radio and within no time dreams came true and I was on television for news.

P: What do you love most about being on screen? N: There is a lot of things I love, but most importantly, being able to connect the audiences with the world on KTN Prime Time news, showcasing bright minds and ideas on my show and knowing I have a family around me of fellow anchors, producers and fans. Above all, being on television has made me a household name.

P: What are your career ambitions for the next five years? N: I love positive change so I shall expand my prowess on KTN both on and off screen, and champion a mentorship program called ‘The Change Experience’ for youths whereby we shall be mentoring them and helping them become better leaders in future.

P: What do you do to unwind? N: With the right people, I go out for those polite nights out; nothing extraordinary. I love my solitude much more. Most of the time I will pick a weekend in reading and just chilling in my house as compared to a night out. Then I love adrenaline rush sports like white water rafting and sky diving.

P: After years of being a public figure how do you handle the haters and critics who have opinions about your life? N: I block them out because I don’t like those negative vibes in my circles. I mean positive criticism is welcome and I can get that from family and friends but I never pay attention to the random critics with uncalled-for comments.

P: What is the worst rumour you ever heard about yourself? N: Being on television gives you a certain level of respect. I remember during my radio days, the tabloids mentioned that I was married to a tycoon in a secret wedding. The funniest part is that they did not mention his name so I never quite understood how they made that up. But my family was so concerned and I had to start explaining it to them that I was not married yet.

P: Your sister recently had a grand wedding. Do you ever feel like people have their eyes on you now? N: No. People don’t determine what happens in my life and I thank God that I have a supportive family. I was so proud of my older sister and her new life so when it’s my time it shall happen.

P: What are your thoughts on the Kenyan showbiz scene? N: Most people love to party and that is a great way to get people together and have fun while at it. I also love that they have awards to promote their favourite musicians and actors, which brings about positive competition and growth within the industry.

P: What is your advice to Pulsers who hope to be news anchors? N: I would tell them to patiently master their art, associate with positive mentors and believe in their dreams because if you want something bad enough, and are ready, it shall surely come true.

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