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Pravin Galot: I didn’t steal my uncle’s Sh2 billion

 Mohan Galot
Businessman Mohan Galot had accused his nephew Pravin Galot of stealing Sh2 billion from him The two are engaged in a dispute over ownership of Manchester Outfitters Ltd

The nephew of a Nairobi billionaire who had accused him of making way with Sh2 billion assets has denied the allegations arguing he was the aggrieved party. 

Pravin Galot has denied defrauding his uncle, businessman Mohan Galot and instead accuses him of forgery in a bid to disinherit him and his siblings of a Sh4.5 billon inheritance.

“Mohan states that I stole two billion from him over the past seven years, and yet has no proof of the same. Honestly, why has he not visited the closest Police Station to report the crime? Why is he reporting it to a newspaper?” poses Pravin. 

 Mr and Mrs Pravin Galot

In his sworn affidavit, Mohan had said that Pravin dropped out of university due to poor grades, a fact Pravin denies. He produced the copy of a letter signed by Mohan in 1991 asking him to drop out of college and return from American to run the family business since everything was about to be auctioned.

“Mohan makes it seem that I did not get any credentials by choice, yet he knows that I had no alternative but to come and save Manchester Outfitters as it was closing down and had no resources to fund my education.

Therefore, the truth is it was the company paying for my education, and not Mohan paying my fees. He is a liar!” explains Pravin who is at the centre of a dispute with his uncle over ownership of Manchester Outfitters Ltd and which his uncle claims he, Pravin, renamed Manchester Outfitters East Africa Ltd and has been cashing in from clients using the new name.

“I also take issue with the Criminal Case Mohan was referring to in 2001. The truth is the case was filed through material non-disclosure and was withdrawn. Once again Mohan states that I misrepresented the Kenya Police on the payment be made in the name of MOL (EA) Ltd.

The truth is MOL (EA) Ltd was registered in 2006, so how was it in a position to receive any funds if it did not exist at the time? Thus, this is more proof that Mohan is a liar,” says Pravin adding that Mohan’s case was thrown out.

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