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Elderly Nanyuki man causes scene as he attempts to smuggle prostitute into hotel room


An elderly man caused a scene at a hotel in Nanyuki recently when he tried to ‘smuggle’ a sex worker into his room to avoid paying the extra cost of accommodation.

The man, who sources say is a retired teacher, had been offered accommodation in one of the popular hotels. He was accompanying the hotel owner on a tour meant for early the following day and was therefore under the invite of the owner.

According to our sources, the elderly man had taught the hotel owner in school years back, hence the owner’s trust and the cordial relationship between the two men.

After being brought and booked into the hotel, he was given Sh500 by his former student for miscellaneous expenses after which the owner left to attend to other matters regarding the business that they were going to attend to the following day.

After staying in his room for most of the day, the man decided to take a walk around town and sample the nightlife. It is during his ‘familiarisation tour’ of the town, quite well known to host dozens of prostitutes in its bars, that he got tempted to do some ‘fishing’.


The man, believed to be about 70 years old, chatted up a young woman in her twenties and convinced her to go back to the hotel room with him.

They both walked back to his hotel room. But he had not planned for what was to happen the moment he got there. Citing hotel policy, the receptionist on duty demanded that he pay Sh2,500 for the woman to be allowed into the room for the night.

By now, having serenaded the young woman with drinks, the poor guy only had the Sh500 he had been given by his former student, the hotel owner.

He protested angrily, as he got impatient. The push and pull continued for about an hour as the man unsuccessfully tried to convince the hotel staff and security to let the woman accompany him to the room. Desperate, the man called the hotel owner, who also told him that the room was reserved for one person and that hotel policy had to be strictly adhered to.

Having played his ace to no avail, the man was left with little choice but to eat humble pie and go back to pleading with the hotel staff. After much cajoling and promising to pay the required amount the following day, he was allowed to take the woman to his room.


With one problem solved, another one arose since the girl of the night had been keenly following the back and forth and realised something was amiss. “He convinced the staff that he will pay the money the following day, but it only worsened the situation because the woman realised that he did not have enough money as she had believed,” our source revealed.

As soon as they got into the room, the woman reportedly demanded that the man pay for the services upfront. “The man protested, shouting that he could not pay for ‘goods and services’ he has not received. But the woman was adamant, suspicious that the elderly man might fail to pay because of what had happened at the reception,” said the source.

Another round of commotion ensued and the two could be heard raising their voices in loud arguments and counterarguments, prompting other guests to complain to the management that they could not sleep because of the disturbance coming from the old man’s room.

After about an hour of negotiating, the man swallowed his pride and paid the only Sh500 he had to the woman, who in turn accepted to get down to the business at hand.

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