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Infamous cults in video game history

 Notorious cults in the history of video games. (Courtesy)

For the last couple of weeks, scary stories have been shared time and again about cultic operations. While by itself a cult is a scary scenario, where members generally do anything for their cause, it is not different from the fictional world of video games.

Most of the video games have similar issues or teachings including questionable systems of conduct and radicalised idea formation to elaborate costumes worn by their members. We look at some notorious cults in the history of video games.

Unitology in Dead Space

This is one of the best examples of how human beings ascribe power and meaning to things they do not fully comprehend. The unitology is based on the belief that humans are part of a greater cosmic cycle and that death is not the end, but rather a transition to something greater.

The cult has been known to use violence and manipulation to further its agenda, making it one of the most dangerous forces in the game. Unitology began when an alien artefact 'Marker' was found on Earth by a geological exploration team.

This artefact was used to prove that humans were not originally from Earth and that our origins were far more celestial. Using the Marker as the foundation of Unitology, the religion went on to become insanely powerful, and peppered in some mass suicides and ritualistic human sacrifices.

The Tree Minders in Fallout 3

A group of hippies creates an intentional community out of the woods and conveys their newfound and deeply held spiritual convictions by worshipping a talking tree.

The Treeminders are an exclusive cult built around the worship of Harold, a mutant that nurtured a tree that grew out of his head and eventually overwhelmed his body. He founded the Treeminders, a group of pure-hearted individuals that would protect the "Great One" as his last line of defence.

Although this batch of people is awfully a peaceful lot it does not cover up the fact that they take their orders from a face in a tree.

The Order from Silent Hill

The Order is a religious doomsday cult residing within the town of Silent Hill, Maine and has expanded into other towns across the region.

Their main agenda is to bring the Apocalypse, kidnapping, massive doses of hallucinogens and ascending to 'oneness' as stipulated in their welcome brochure.

The cult's seal is known as the 'Halo of the Sun' and is often used in the presence of cult members, particularly while conducting rituals. The Order is involved in esoteric occultism, black magic, dark art, arcane rituals, and blood sacrifices.

The Saturnine from BioShock

Saturnine are a group of Houdini Splicers whose theme is some kind of worship of ancient gods.

Different symbols are used concerning different gods, astrological symbols and various planets; things closely linked with ancient pagan beliefs.

Their name, The Saturnine, is a reference to the Roman god Saturn, who is the god of agriculture, founder of civilisations, social order and conformity.

"Saturnine", in the English language, is defined as having a cold, gloomy or surly disposition; to be sullen or ominous to the extent of being morbid.

The members of this cult wear masks made out of twigs, straw, and leaves, wear red clothing most of the time, and have whitened their faces with face paint.

The Covenant from Halo

These are a theocratic military alliance of alien races who serve as one of the main antagonists in the Halo science fiction series.

Composed of a variety of diverse species, they are united under the religious worship of the enigmatic Forerunners and their belief that Forerunner ringworlds known as Halos will provide a path to salvation.

After the Covenant leadership - the High Prophets - declare humanity an affront to their gods, the Covenant prosecute a lengthy genocidal campaign against the technologically inferior race.

Los Illuminados from Resident Evil 4

Also known as The Enlightened Ones, this is a religious group whose traditions place them as the continuation of an ancient primal religion and was likely related to a civilisation that once thrived in the caverns beneath Salazar Castle.

Their beliefs are syncretic, drawing heavily from Roman Catholicism but incorporating human sacrificial ceremonies.

Their core value is the belief in a holy creature given to humanity by God, and the parasitisation of members is a traditional requirement for initiation.

- Additional Information from Internet sources

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