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Jubilee Insurance pushes for generic drugs use

Jubilee Insurance medical cardholders can now enjoy a five per cent cashback offer if they buy drugs at one of its accredited drug stores.

The offer targets those who buy their medication both at the One Stop Pharmacy and online through the firm’s WhatsApp platform.

The move is aimed at managing the high costs associated with the use of branded drugs compared to the use of generic ones.

It is estimated that by using generic drugs, a patient can save an average of Sh1,500 to Sh3,500 per prescription, depending on their insurance.

“We are thrilled to offer our customers such a great savings opportunity this season as we head into the festivities. They now have an opportunity to enjoy a suite of affordable pharmaceutical products and consult a doctor all under one roof,” said General Manager Medical Business Patrick Gatonga.

“Giving customers value for their money has always been our goal. It also sits well with our overall business strategy that seeks to deliver and share value with customers through improved lifestyles and choices for healthier living," Dr Gitonga said.