Upper Hills Boys emerge winners in climate change debate

Upper Hills Boys High School emerged top during the debate on climate change. [Courtesy]

Upper Hills Boys High School are the winners of the just concluded debate on climate change that brought together five secondary schools.

State House Girls School and The Alliance High School were ranked second and third respectively in the competition organised by Sahara Group’s Asharami Synergy Kenya Limited.

Other schools that participated in the inaugural debate held at KCA University are Alliance Girls High School, and Moi Girls School, Nairobi.

The learners debated three topics which included; whether the wealthy are more accountable for environmental harm than the poor and whether energy-saving life bulbs are helping the environment.

State House Girls High School's students pose with their award after ranking second in the competition.[Courtesy]

The other topic was whether plastics should be banned immediately worldwide.

The winning teams were awarded with trophies, while outstanding speakers received laptops and tablets.

According to the lead judge, Winnie Otieno, the event provided an excellent platform to help the drive towards environmental sustainability in Kenya.

“The students have learnt a lot and had the opportunity to share their views. We really thank Asharami and Sahara Group for this wonderful experience, and we hope to have many more opportunities like this for our youths,” Winnie said.

Debola Adesanya, Country Manager, Asharami Synergy Kenya noted that there is a need to actively involve young Kenyans in issues related to energy transition and environmental preservation.

"The future of the planet we call home rests on the engagement and involvement of all stakeholders, especially, the youths as we work towards protecting our environment. The debate platform is our contribution to ensuring students know and understand these issues to enable them to proffer possible solutions,” Debola said.

Lavinah Gonah, Operations Supervisor at Asharami Synergy Kenya commended the students and their teachers for the excellent performance of the schools in the competition.