University staff want more robust debate on pension deductions

He said the contributions as currently constituted need a review.

"However, first things first, where is the new salary increment? The cost of living has skyrocketed; Kenyans are hardly surviving. Maybe not all public servants want to save, maybe they are in other saving schemes, public participation needs to be considered first."

His concerns were echoed by Onyango who said that the directions the matter was taking may not be favourable to a number of Kenyans.

"This calls for other measures, the idea is not bad, but we need to have adequate time to consider all possible scenarios. The idea needs to be processed well, we need to have a common understanding of the issue."

James Makori, Kusu's national treasurer said the government had formed a habit of deducting civil servants' salaries whenever it falls short of tax.

"Let us not convert workers into slaves, public workers can no longer afford basic services," said Makori.

According to Makori, President William Ruto must rethink the whole idea.

The officials also took issue with the management of Kisii University which has been unable to pay the more than 204 sacked university staff.

"The position is that the university pays the money or reinstates the affected staff. We cannot have some staff enjoying their salaries while the rest are suffering.