CS Magoha: We’ll not risk children lives, dead people don’t sit examinations

Education CS George Magoha has told parents not to panic over the fate of the children and the national exams, saying the government will handle the matter amicably.

Speaking during the government’s daily update on Covid-19, the CS told the parents to let the children enjoy their holiday, adding that the government's worry now is how to contain the virus.

“Let my children rest and enjoy their holiday, the government’s concern now is when how to control the virus,” said Magoha.

Magoha (pictured) said plans are underway to reopen the schools in May for term two, but that they will have to monitor the situation.

He said the children have only lost three weeks which can be recovered once the pandemic is contained.

“We have plans to open in May, and hope by then the virus would have been dealt with. We have only lost three weeks.”

The CS said the government will not put bow to pressure from parents and open schools, saying the move will risk children’ lives.

He dismissed reports indicating that the Coronavirus situation could compel the government to postpone KCSE and KCPE exams, saying until the ministry says anything to that effect, Kenyans should not entertain such talks.

“Parents should relax because we haven’t reached a situation where we are saying we are going to postpone this or that,” he said.

He told parents who want the schools to reopen so that their children can prepare for exams to remember dead children do not sit for exams.

“There are people who have not seen what the virus can do, we are not going to risk the lives of our children because dead people don’t take exams,” said the CS.

He told parents to wait for a directive from the government regarding reopening dates and the national exams.

“I don’t think we are going to postpone anything so wait until I talk you would be surprised that there was no need to worry,” said the CS.