I have forgiven you, says Mwangaza after victory

Meru County Governor Kawira Mwangaza (centre) and her husband Murega Baichu (right) joined by female legislators celebrate after she survived her second impeachment by the Senate on November 8, 2023, at the Parliament buildings, Nairobi. [Elvis Ogina, Standard]

Governor Kawira Mwangaza made a triumphant return to Meru County on Friday afternoon and struck a tone of reconciliation.

Mwangaza made her way to the county after the Senate, on Wednesday, overturned her impeachment by the county assembly.

While thanking senators for standing for truth and justice in finding her innocent of the seven charges MCAs used to impeach her, Mwangaza linked her woes to politics. However, she declared that she had forgiven her opponents.

“I am back to work. The speed of development will be even higher. It is kabati kabati kaende kaende,” stated the governor emphasizing her commitment to deliver using her clarion call for accelerated development.

She said she would not be deterred by her detractors “because I have a duty to serve the residents of Meru”.

Work hard

“I will continue to work hard because you gave me the chance. I will work with fairness, just like I have always done because all of you are my children,” she said at Gitimbine.

The county chief said she was ready to forgive her tormentors and asked those she could have wronged to forgive her.

“I forgive all those who have wronged me and I pray for forgiveness from anyone I might have wronged,” said Mwangaza who was flanked by some of the MCAs who were opposed to her impeachment. Also present were several members of the clergy, including Bishop Kiogora Magambo of Jesus House of Prayer Ministry.

Former MCAs, including Nicholas Mburugu and Patrick Mwirigi, who emerged as some of Mwangaza’s biggest defenders as she faced an onslaught by the assembly led hundreds of residents to welcome the governor back.

“The endless and needless feuds should end. We want peace in Meru so the governor can get the space she needs to deliver on her development agenda,” said Bishop Magambo, who conducted prayers at the Kathita bridge. Mwangaza’s opponents had vowed she would cross the bridge on her way home if her impeachment was upheld by the Senate.

Crossed bridge

The governor alighted from her vehicle and crossed the bridge on foot.

“I thank God and the people of Meru for their prayers. God has brought me back as the governor and all praise be to him. I thank the senators for their wisdom,” said Mwangaza.

Gideon Kimathi, the governor’s advisor said: “We are extending an olive branch to everybody. We want all leaders to rally behind the governor as we work for the people in a peaceful atmosphere.”

“We have prayed for an end to needless fights in Meru and we are opening a new chapter where all leaders will be united, a new chapter of prosperity,” said.

At least ten MCAs supported Mwangaza but did not vote during her impeachment, citing safety concerns. The governor was impeached by 59 MCAs.