Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza runs into hostile MCAs, forced to drive away

Governor Mwangaza stayed in the chambers for less than ten minutes and, thereafter, left.

The MCAs are accusing the county boss of being detached from them.

"She is arrogant, and isn't involving us in planning for development of Meru County," said one of the MCAs.

The Meru governorship already had its fair share of controversy.

Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza's husband, the guitar-strumming Murega Baichu, raised eyebrows for attending official meetings at the governor's offices in Meru town.

But while some employees feel uncomfortable with Mr Baichu being always by Governor Kawira's side, others feel it did not affect them at all.

Baichu, a popular musician in the region has been quick to dismiss his critics.

.He has said he was always by the governor's side when she was looking for votes. To him, his critics are nothing but a bunch that's bitter after missing out on county government jobs.

A fortnight ago Governor Kawira appointed the hubby the patron of Meru Youth Service (MYS) and 'Hustlers Ambassador' when she unveiled 10 Executive Committee Members (CECs).

She said she was giving Baichu the job but without pay.

Naming him for the two positions Kawira said Baichu had the requisite experience but will work pro-bono.

"He will not even have an allowance. He is currently holding the title of Meru Cultural Ambassador," she said.