Boreholes to save time for students

Pokot Senator Julius Murgor with help of the plant operator launching borehole  drilling at AIC Chesombur mixed secondary school on Monday. [Isshreel Shanzu, Standard]

Water scarcity in most schools within Sigor, West Pokot has affected learning as learners are forced to trek for several kilometres for the commodity.

Most learners spend much of their time searching for water, resulting in poor grades during national exams. 

To improve education standards, Pokot Outreach Ministries, an NGO headed by Senator Julius Murgor, has launched the drilling of boreholes in schools to provide clean water.

Speaking during the launch at AIC Chesombur mixed secondary school at Sigor, learners said they have been suffering from waterborne diseases like cholera and typhoid.

“If the government will drill more boreholes here, it will be a relief. Some of us usually spend half of the day searching for water,” said Nelson Simatwa, a student.

“There is a day we spent a whole day searching for water, and as a school, we are encountering many challenges. Our fellow learners are usually hospitalised now and then, suffering from waterborne diseases. We trek to Cheptulel Hills to get clean water,” said Alison Kipchumba, a form three student.

A parent, John Lorita pointed out that most of the rivers in the area are dry and drilling of boreholes will boost education standards.

Senator Murgor said drilling one borehole costs close to Sh4 million and by the end of the month the organisation targets to drill eight boreholes within Lomut ward in Sigor constituency.

He added that lack of clean water at the school leads to school dropouts as most girls can not trek kilometres away to draw water.

“The community will also benefit because will put up a water kiosk for the community, targeting Amarel and Masol areas. These are hard hits zones with drought. By the end of the year, I will have drilled more than 20 boreholes within the county.” He said.

He said since he started drilling boreholes, he has made more than 350 boreholes within the county and as a result, it has reduced water and pasture conflicts.

Sigor MP Peter Lochakapong said the government through drought mitigation measures has set aside funds to drill more boreholes in the area. typhoid.