Natembeya initiates 100-day results plan for county workers

Trans Nzoia Governor George Natembeya. [Christopher Kipsang, Standard]

Trans Nzoia Governor George Natembeya has launched a Rapid Results Initiative (RRI) that will see the 10 county departments achieve set targets within 100 days.

Each of the departments has at least 10 activities to deliver within the time frame, an approach that the governor said will enhance service delivery.

Mr Natembeya noted that it was possible for county officials to achieve specific targets within srealistic time frames.

At the same time, the governor on Wednesday witnessed as his executives signed their performance contracts, signalling the beginning of a serious task ahead.

The governor reiterated his firm commitments to ensure that the common man gets the best services from the county staff throughout his tenure.

He highlighted several programmes that his administration seeks to initiate or accomplish within three months.

Key projects to be initiated under the RRI is the construction of an ultra-modern office complex at the headquarters and a women and children's hospital at Tom Mboya health facility on the outskirts of Kitale town.

"We need a decent place to work from... and those seeking services can also have a better waiting bay and not under tree shades. The current structure looks like an assistant chief's office," he said.

The county boss pledged to empower his staff so that they can raise the bar in rendering services, saying that some of the officials had never been trained since they were recruited.

He disclosed that enforcement officers will be the first to be enrolled in paramilitary training so that they can learn to be courteous.

Further, he vowed to phase out ghost workers, pointing out that some people were on the payroll illegally.

Also captured in the RRI blueprint is the improvement of agricultural productivity through the provision of subsidised fertilisers, renovation of cattle dips, employment of extension officers and improvement of dairy farming.

He pledged to repossess grabbed public land and initiate a housing programme where tenants eventually become property owners.

The governor said 93,000 poor households had been identified for free health insurance cover.