Signs you are unhappy with your life

Find out what the source is and get help if you need to fight that anger inside. [iStockphoto]

As scary as it is, we need to be honest with ourselves when we are unhappy. There are signs that show up when you're not content with your own life and, you have to be willing to spot them in yourself for you to change.

Someone who is unhappy with themselves will carry a lot of negativity around. They will be quick to give negative comments about everything because they're already fixated on the worst outcome.

If you're in this situation, you will also notice that you tend to focus on people's flaws too. A negative mindset is a big indicator that there might be an area in your life you need to reconcile.

If you have joy and you're okay with who you are, you radiate happiness. You will be kind to people you meet and you will have no problem walking with a smile.

But for someone who is struggling, people can tell that you have this coldness about you. You might not notice that you usually don't look happy but it's still a sign that shows in your demeanour.

You are angry at everyone and everything. Anger is another common trait that shows you might not be happy with yourself or your life. It's not normal to be triggered by every small thing because it shows you have a deeper issue going on.

You might be holding on to that anger as a way of coping with your reality. Maybe your life didn't work out how you thought it would and you've allowed bitterness to settle in your heart.

Find out what the source is and get help if you need to fight that anger inside.

When you don't like your life you will notice that you're usually stressed or anxious on most days. This might tell you that something needs to change.

Maybe the reason is that toxic relationship that you need to move on from or even a job that brings you no joy at all. It might also be that you don't appreciate the blessings you have in your own life. Try and understand what the main reason is to figure out your next move.

You struggle to celebrate other people's success. Someone who hasn't learnt how to appreciate their own journey will know that deep down they struggle to be fully happy when others win. It's definitely not a good sign when you feel like someone else's success diminishes your own. Or you question why it happened to them and not you.

Comparison is the thief of joy. Stick to your own path and acknowledge your wins as you work hard without being envious of others.