Not a meme, 'husband day-care centre' exists

Fascinating history

"The tower was built in 1896 and was originally used as a manned phone booth in Copenhagen," says Morten Malmros, the owner of the cafe.

It was the first telephone tower (what Kenyans call phone booths), in Denmark where people would pay to enter the tower and use the telephone. There was also the option of calling and giving a message to the operator who would then relay the message to the recipient by sending a messenger with a bicycle.

The cafe is run by one person, there are no waiters. [Caroline Kimutai, Standard]

Simple set-up

The sitting area is outdoors, made of tables and chairs under an umbrella.

A customer walks to the booth, orders their alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink and goes to sit, the order is delivered within two minutes. They also sell snacks like potato crisps and nuts, but mostly drinks. Once the order is ready, the bartender brings it to your table.

It is not a day-care centre, but an outdoor cafe known as the Green Towers. [Caroline Kimutai, Standard]

Do wives really leave their husbands here?

"Yes, they do! And quite often. However, we do also have men that leave their wives with us," says Malmros.

The cafe is open all year round including winter when temperatures fall to -1 degrees Celsius. They offer warm blankets and heating for their customers. Drinks range from Sh400 to Sh1,200. A cup of tea costs Sh480.