2018 Sportpesa Mega Jackpot winner elected speaker in Bomet

Cosmas Korir, 2018 Sportpesa Mega jackpot winner of Sh208 million. [File, Standard]

Lady luck has once again visited 2018 Sportpesa Mega Jackpot winner Cosmas Korir, after being elected speaker of Bomet County Assembly.

Korir bagged the hotly contested seat after winning in two rounds of voting.

In the first round, he won with 19 votes forcing a second round of voting after failing to secure a two-thirds majority threshold.

Korir emerged the winner in the race after trouncing former Kipsonoi MCA Weldon Kirui with 32 votes.

He becomes the fifth speaker of the county assembly after succeeding Nelson Mutai who unsuccessfully attempted to defend the seat.

Mutai came a distant fourth in the race with 3 votes while UDA Coordinator came third with 4 votes.

Korir hit the limelight in 2018 after winning the Sh208 million Sportpesa Mega Jackpot.

Korir plunged into the murky world of politics in 2017 making a stab in the Konoin parliamentary race.

Korir who vied on a Chama Cha Mashinani ticket came a distant second in the race after losing to Brighton Yegon.

Fresh from the humiliating defeat in the 2017 Konoin Parliamentary race, the Jackpot was a reprieve for Korir.

"To me, the Jackpot came as a relief since I had lost an election after resigning from the County Government of Bomet," he said.

Korir who had just secured a job at West Pokot County as an Agriculture director resigned after securing the Jackpot to pursue private interests in business.

All along, Korir said the political burg was still itching within him.

In 2022, once again threw his hat in the ring for the Konoin parliamentary seat this time round trying his luck on a UDA ticket.

Hopes to revenge the 2017 loss to Brighton Yegon were once thwarted after losing the UDA primaries.

"I accepted the outcome and went back to the drawing board and instincts pushed me to try a hand in the speaker's position," he said.

He said with Konoin was missing out on the county top seat and quickly made a consultation and reached out to his backyard who endorsed his candidature giving him a good springboard.

True to his prediction he emerged the winner in the speaker's election beating 10 contenders.

In his maiden speech, Korir vowed to become a unifying factor.

He said his focus would be on ensuring that the county assembly carries out its role so that the public can get development.

"My focus would be ensuring that my members play their role so that members of the public can get development and services," he said.

Bomet Governor Hillary Barchok who was present at the assembly during the speaker's election congratulated Korir saying he deserved the position.

Barchok said the assembly stands to benefit from Korir's leadership.

The Governor pledged to work with Korir in ensuring the assembly and MCA's progressed in their legislative role.

Boito MCA Charles Langat could not hide his joy saying Konoin had benefited from the election of Korir.

Langat said the MCA had recognised the need for regional balance by electing Korir.

"We are happy as people of Konon from the election of Korir and this has ensured that all the five sub-counties have benefited in the election," he said.

Langat called for continued collaboration and consultation so that the county can move on well.

At the same time, Chesoen Ward Representative Leonard Rotich was elected as the Deputy Speaker beating four other contestants.